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Here at True Couponing, we receive questions daily about all kinds of things pertaining to couponing. To help answer your questions, we will regularly post Questions and Answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our readers.

Today’s question comes from Karen in Nashville, TN…from Sandra (local)…


1.”I live near Nashville, TN. My mother is in Tampa and turned me on to your website. I have a couple of local stores here that I would like to apply your couponing practices to. I was just wondering if you take the actual store ad and spreadsheet it against the coupons from Red Plum, etc. Any advice would be appreciated!”

2. “I have family in Ohio and would love to share with them how to True Coupon. What is your advice? I know at the workshop you spoke of the family that moved to Texas and continued to coupon. Is it just more work for someone that does not have a true coupon site to help them?”


1. So glad you are excited about using our website to help you save! We do match-up the weekly ads for each store with the coupons that are available in any Sunday paper and links to printable coupons nation wide. If you have a Publix or in your state (or CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc), the coupon matchups should match your local ad, too!  There could be slight variations in Produce and Meat, but overall it should almost be the same.

2. Even if you don’t see your local stores listed, you can still utilize our Coupon Database to look up all the available coupons for products.  The Coupon Database is nation wide!
We are also in the process of expanding and adding other grocery stores to our site!  Tell your out of state friends to keep checking back!  There are more stores to come in the near future to True Couponing!!!


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