We know sometimes couponing can be confusing, and we are here to help!

Here at True Couponing, we receive questions daily about all kinds of things pertaining to couponing. To help answer your questions, we will regularly post Questions and Answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our readers.

Today’s question comes from Lily…


“There used to be a “Print Friendly” icon at the end of your posts, but I don’t see it anymore.  How can I print out a post?”


The “Print Friendly” button is still there!  It just looks a little different.
At the bottom of each post you will see this…

These little buttons are some handy ways for you to share any post on True Couponing.

The first one is the “Print Friendly” button you are asking about.

If you hover your cursor on it, the little “Print Friendly” button will pop up.  Just click on it and you’ll be able to print the post.

These buttons also allow you to post a link to any True Couponing article to your Facebook page, Twitter it, email it and more.

Check them out and share the Blessings with your friends!

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