It took a while, but we finally have a RedPlum ONLY
coupon insert option for you from Insert Insanity!


Insert Insanity is now offering RedPlum ONLY packages for purchase.

  • $9.92 for a 6-pack of RedPlum Coupon Inserts (shipping included)
  • $14.94 for a 10-pack of RedPlum Coupon Inserts (shipping included)
  • $19.92 for a 20-pack of RedPlum Coupon Inserts (shipping included)

Want to get your RedPlum Coupon Inserts even cheaper?

Combine your order with a friend! Because these ship via Priority Mail (to get them to you fast), the shipping fee can be a large part of the total cost. If you order a 20-pack and split the cost between 4 people, EACH of you will get 5 sets of inserts and only spend $4.98 each total! That’s a price I can live with until the paper companies finish “negotiating” 🙂

What if you don’t need the whole RedPlum insert, but just want to order a few of the coupons?

Then your best option is Wiz Clipz. You can order pre-clipped coupons in packs of 10! You’ll only pay for the coupons you need most. Pre-clipped coupons are offered from each insert (not just RedPlum), so if there is a product you want to stock up on, you can get the extra coupons you need without purchasing entire coupon inserts.

Why doesn’t the Tampa area get RedPlum coupon inserts in the local papers anymore?

If you are a couponer in the Tampa area, you are very aware the RedPlum coupon inserts are no longer available in the Tampa newspapers. RedPlum claimed they would be distributing their inserts by direct-mail to areas affected. However, many areas have not been receiving the RedPlum coupon inserts in their US Mail.

If this is all news to you, you can read our previous articles regarding RedPlum coupon inserts in the Tampa area:

Many of our readers are now searching for clipping services to purchase their RedPlum coupon inserts. Some clipping services use unethical practices to acquire the inserts they sell. For this reason True Couponing will only recommend a clipping service if we can verify their sources and that their business practices are ethical.

To assist our Tampa readers in acquiring RedPlum coupon inserts, True Couponing recommends purchasing them from Insert Insanity

When you purchase RedPlum coupon inserts from Insert Insanity, you need to be aware these are NOT the same coupon inserts RedPlum sends out in direct US Mail to the Tampa area. There is no way to ethically, legally acquire these direct-mailed inserts in bulk, so you will not find these specific RedPlum inserts for sale on Insert Insanity. The RedPlum coupon inserts you purchase from Insert Insanity are from various regions throughout the United States. Because of Regional Differences, the coupons in the RedPlum coupon inserts purchased from Insert Insanity will vary.

What are Regional Differences?

Regional differences are the coupons that vary from paper to paper across the country.
This happens for two reasons:

  1. Manufacturers release different coupons in different areas of the country (which is why some of our newspapers don’t even get the coupon listed…because sometimes we don’t get a certain coupon at all!).
  2. Manufacturers will sometimes release a different dollar amount for different regions.

Every Thursday we post the Coupon Insert Preview on TrueCouponing.com. Those are the coupons (on a national level) that are expected to be in the upcoming Sunday paper. Well…then the Sunday newspaper comes, and we find that some coupons are NOT THERE…or are in DIFFERENT AMOUNTS, or there may be coupons we did not even expect!! So we put together a list of the coupons that ARE in your paper!!

We call this list the Regional Differences Post.  It is a weekly comparison of what we EXPECTED to be in the paper with what is ACTUALLY inside the coupon inserts.

NOTE: Coupon inserts purchased from Insert Insanity are not currently featured in our Regional Differences posts.

True Couponing will continue to monitor the RedPlum coupon insert status in the Tampa area, and we will report to you any verified updates as we find them.

We appreciate our readers and will always strive to be your source for finding the best deals and ethical coupon practices.