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Personalized Santa calls for YOUR child!
Choose the date/time of the call!
Unique Santa messages to choose from! Such as Before Christmas, Christmas Eve, After Christmas, Naughty List, Birthday, Accomplishment, Apology and more!
Your child’s photo will appear on the call screen! (optional)
Mentions your child’s age, state/country, and more!
28 Greetings to choose from, with custom call screens!
FREE app for a limited time! (Includes 1 free call. Additional calls may be purchased)
From the creators of PackageFromSanta.com
Your child is going to jump thru the roof when they receive their Christmas Eve call from Santa in his sleigh! Has your child been Naughty? A special call from the ‘Big Guy’ will shape them up!

Note: This is NOT a live call. For entertainment purposes only.

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