Fun news: We’re changing the name of the company from True Couponing to True Money Saver!

When I first started the company in January 2010, I was sharing my couponing grocery shopping trips.

The name True Couponing made sense because that’s what I said when I taught people how to coupon. The TRUE way to coupon is to….

Then things started changing. One of the main coupon sources in my local area went away and couponing for a large family became more and more difficult.

Over time I adapted our articles to help people save money without using coupons.

Here’s a timeline of what’s been going on:

2011: Started doing coupon workshops in people’s homes.

2012: Started doing coupon workshops in churches. Upwards of 4-5 workshops each week with 100 attendees at each one. My biggest workshop had over 1,200 in attendance. (I used to be afraid of public speaking… not any more!)

2013: Started doing a weekly live segment on Fox TV to share money-saving knowledge with a wider audience.

2014: Started speaking at several large events such as the Florida Parent Educators Association Homeschool Convention in Orlando to an audience of over 2,000.

2015: Turned my coupon workshop into an online coupon course that can be accessed any time of day or night without having to wait on a venue to set up a workshop that would hold 100+ people.

2016: Started helping readers get more for their money with price comparison sheets and other helpful free downloadable resources.

2017: Continued to help readers learn how to better manage their money so they’d have more to spend on fun things (like family vacations).

2018: Opened up the True Money Saver Shop to have resources available around the clock for when someone is looking for them instead of when I remember to tell them about them on the blog or via email.

2019: Redesigned our best “challenge” (JumpStart Your Savings) into into an online video  program that helps you add $500 to your savings account in approximately 30 days.

Through all of this we’ve clarified our mission:

Help you get more for your money so you can pay off debt and bless others out of your abundance.

And that made our business model change too:

Goal #1: Create really good FREE resources that are filled with helpful actionable steps that make a difference in your life after you read them.

Goal #2: To stay in business and keep our website working we need sales, so we tell people who reach out and need more in-depth help about our other paid training programs.

With all of that in mind, the name True Couponing just doesn’t make sense anymore. Couponing is just ONE way to save money for your family.

And my goal is to help you become a True Money Saver… so that’s how I picked the new name!

I’ve got so many more ways to help you in the years ahead.

Thanks for being here for the journey.

Your friend,
Kati Kiefer
Founder of True Money Saver


  1. Will the TrueCouponing website go away?
    Not really. All the information and articles will stay the same. It’s just a new website address of TrueMoneySaver.com instead of TrueCouponing.com.
  2. What does this mean for the coupon store lists?
    For right now everything is staying the same, but eventually we will share our network of coupon blogger friends with you (who we currently share our lists with behind the scenes) so that they can help you with the nitty gritty coupon side of things (the deals each week). While I can still help with the overall strategy of shopping with coupons.
  3. Will I still have access to my True Way To Coupon Course?
    Oh you are gonna love this answer! I believe in giving FREE updates to anyone who has purchased something from me so that means when I upgrade the course, you get the updates for FREE. I have big plans for the True Way To Coupon to be just one module within the True Money Manager course. If you already purchased the TWTC (True Way To Coupon) then you’ll get the newly updated True Money Manager course for FREE! (a $147 value!!). Pretty sweet right?!