There are so many amazing ways you can make your very own fruit arrangement for your home that fits your style.

Of course, adding a touch of glitter makes everything look even more fabulous.

Since the days are getting colder, it’s nice to brighten up the feel of your home with DIY glittered pieces, and they look beautiful.

We ventured out to our favorite Dollar Tree and picked up just a few items to make this gorgeous holiday fruit centerpiece that will be perfect for glittered fruit arrangement that would work Christmas, New Years and your everyday décor.

Best of all this entire project cost $5 and most supplies were purchased from Dollar Tree. Other supplies were purchased at Michaels.

The best part is that it just doesn’t have to be for the fall and you don’t have to choose one color!

Mix and match the colors to the season you want, tastes and decor!

Enjoy this fun and easy tutorial for this fabulous holiday fruit centerpiece!

fruit arrangement

Glittered Fruit Arrangement Supplies:

  • Faux Fruit (I used 3 pears and 1 apple.)
  • Gold Spray Paint (You could also use silver)
  • Glitter
    Fall/Thanksgiving: gold, copper, orange, brown or red
    Christmas: gold, silver, green, red, ivory
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint or Foam Brush
  • Silver Platter (can be found in the party supplies at the dollar store)


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You could also use orange, pumpkin, copper, amber or even burgundy colors.

Mix up your colors and glitters. Get creative for your own holiday fruit centerpiece!

fruit arrangement

Step 1: Paint

Depending how much cover you would like to see on your faux fruit arrangement you can spray paint them in your choice of silver or gold to cover the natural shades that will peek through the glitter.

This step is totally optional but I highly recommend it.

Head outside in an open area and spray paint the fruit covering all sides top and bottom including the stems.

Allow it to dry for a few minutes.

fruit arrangement

Step 2: Apply Modge Podge & Glitter

After the paint has dried, apply a generous amount of Modge Podge with a paint or foam brush covering the entire area of the fruit focusing on one piece at a time.

Next lay your fruit on a plate or napkin and pour a generous amount of glitter all over your fruit.

Once you’ve covered your fruit, pour the excess glitter back into the container and start the next piece of fruit.

This step will help save you time and money by saving the glitter just in case a breeze comes by.

Make sure you have enough fruit to fill your fruit arrangement, unless you are going to add other decorations like greenery, acorns, etc.

fruit arrangement

Step 3: Continue With The Next Pieces

Here’s what an apple looked like that I did not spray paint first.

Can you see the green color peeking through? It will still be so pretty for this fruit arrangement.

It just depends on what look you are going for.

fruit arrangement

Step 4: Add Greenery & Other Decorations

Add your greenery to make the glittered fruit pop for your fruit arrangement.

Then add other decorations like ribbons, ornaments, candles, pinecones and more. Use your imagination and what you have to make it look special!

This glittered fruit arrangement project is so easy and really looks beautiful in any home.

Consider highlighting this holiday fruit centerpiece in your entryway, kitchen table, mantle, bathroom or even your office.

And really, this is just the beginning of what can be painted and glittered for the holidays! Let your imagination run wild!


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YOUR TURN: Have you tried this DIY glittered fruit arrangement project? Let me know what else you have painted & glittered for the holidays below!

fruit arrangement
How To Make A Glittered Fruit Arrangement For The Holidays