Are you convinced that Disney World Vacation deals don’t exist? I totally understand and thought they weren’t possible either.

Until I met Jeffrey Merola.

You see, Jeffrey Merola is an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” and that means that he is compensated by Disney to plan family vacations to Disney World.

He’s like a fairy godmother to help you find Disney Vacation Deals! Simply tell him when you want to travel, what you are hoping to spend, and he’ll do ALL THE REST. Seriously.

Oh, and did I mention that his services are FREE?!

After planning several vacations for our family on my own and realizing it took several hours and being on hold and frustrating options I hated dealing with, a friend suggested that I call an authorized Disney vacation planner.

She told me that they do ALL the planning for you, at no extra cost.

Could this be too good to be true??

So I called Jeffrey Merola from Mouse Vacation Planning. (I chose him because he had written several books about Disney World and offered them for free to my readers before.)

In about 10 minutes I explained why we were going to Disney, what we wanted to spend, how many were traveling with us (the kid’s ages) and where we would be going.

He was like a travel planning fairy godmother. (excluding the fact that he’s a guy…a happily married guy with 3 children…)

Soon he emailed me back with the various options for my trip.

In fact, he even put “on hold” a couple of the ones he thought we might go with so that they didn’t get taken by someone else. You know what it felt like? It felt like one of my family members was planning a trip for all of us to go on, and he was the one doing it.

It was outstanding. All the magic, none of the planning hassle.

Then, the next time we used his services, he already knew what we would want to get and could do the planning without almost any input from me. PLUS, when we showed up, they said he had gotten us a FREE Room Upgrade. {magical}

Here are four reasons you should contact Jeffrey Merola and see if he can find any Disney Vacation Deals for your next vacation.

1. Makes Your Vacation Easier 

Last year I needed to buy a new car. We went to the Honda Dealer because I wanted to know what the difference was between my current Honda Odyssey and the newest model. The sales person had not only never owned a Honda Odyssey, but they weren’t familiar with the features of the car at all.

More than once I angrily thought, “I know more than you.” And that’s frustrating when you are about to spend a lot of money on a car. We left that dealership and ended up at one where the salesperson could speak my “Honda Odyssey” language and I could ask him all my nitty-gritty details about lane assist and cruise control until I felt informed enough to buy.

Jeffrey Merola is a Disney expert. He is a Disney Annual Passholder and he travels there about every other month (even though he physically lives in NY) in order to be up-to-date with his Disney knowledge.

When you ask him questions about your trip, he is speaking to you with a working knowledge about your destination and he wants you to have a magical time so that you go back again!

That makes your vacation so much easier because you have a Disney expert on your side!

2. Saves You A Ton Of Time

If you want to know secrets about how to get the most out of your trip at Disney World you’d normally ask all your Facebook friends and then sift through the comments and start to devise your Disney Plan Of Attack.

Instead, Jeffrey has written a book that’ll answer most of your questions as well as help you figure out how to make the most of your vacation days.

Also, when he plans your vacation for you, he’ll give you a copy of his most current book (mailed to you), or you can download his book from Amazon and start planning immediately.

3. You Get The Family Discount

Honestly, the highest form of trust is when Jeffrey gave me his personal cell phone number in case I wanted to contact him while we were on our vacation.

He basically treats you like family to make sure you get the most for your money and the best available discounts.

I don’t know how many times he had to explain the Disney Dining Plan to me… and every time he had the patience of a saint. Just like he were a family member who wanted me to get the most for my money.

Then, to take it a step farther, I was really surprised to receive a text from Jeffrey on the day I went to check in asking if we had any questions or trouble.

Since we’ve used his services many times, one time we did hit a small snag and he spoke to the check-in person from my phone and took care of the problem right away and even got us a special upgrade because we had to wait for him to clear it up (which was actually only about 10 minutes).

4. There’s No Sleazy Pressure

I’m always skeptical to use done-for-you services. I worry that I’m being charged more than I should be, or that the representative will pressure me into buying something that I don’t need.

Jeffrey is good at what he does. He treats you like family and that means he has really good discernment for asking if you’d like to book your vacation, without being pushy. He’s basically only reminding you about the reservation so that you don’t miss out on your vacation because then you’d have to change your travel dates (Disney hotels fill up super quickly).

He is also very technologically savvy, which means he will figure out how to best communicate with you so it’s not aggravating. For example, if you want to get ahold of me, I prefer to be emailed or texted. Knowing that means he will communicate with me the best way to get ahold of me and I won’t get frustrated.

But Is It Really The Very Best Price?

You should know by now that I care most about the “bottom line,” are we getting the best price? So I’ve even tested whether or not he would truly get us the best price.

Our oldest daughter, Annabelle, was headed to a Volleyball Tournament at the ESPN Sports Complex and we needed a room at the lowest priced resort on Disney Property (we wanted to utilize the Disney bus transportation from the sports complex back to the hotel so that we didn’t have to mess with parking), he was able to get us a rate that was $15 less per night, than what I could find by calling Disney directly.

PLUS, he got each of our family members the refillable mugs included with our room, which allowed us to get discounted refills the entire time we were at the Sports complex. That was a $100 bonus. (NOTE: that happened to be a promotion that Disney was doing at the time that we would’ve never found on our own. Because this is Jeffrey’s passion, business, and specialty, he knows how to find those things that will benefit your family.)

Some of the other volleyball families used Jeffrey to book their rooms and they also saved money by getting in on the rate Jeffrey found. That’s how we found out about the refillable mugs, the families who registered on their own did not get the mugs AND they paid more!

I’d say that’s a double win!

Lastly, let’s say there are special things you want to know about, such as when Disney Dining is included for free in your hotel reservation, you can ask him when they usually offer that promotion and with just a few simple questions, he’ll actually plan everything FOR YOU to make sure you can take advantage of that deal, all you’ll have to do is tell him when you want to travel.

It’s seriously cheating (in a good, having-the-best-vacation-with-no-hassle kinda way).

Learn more here about how Jeffrey can help find you the best Disney World Vacation deals for your next family vacation.

Or, if you already have dates you’re going to travel, reach out to Jeffrey to get a no-obligation quote from him here.

Disney World Vacation Deals DO exist, you just have to know where to find them. I\'ve got a super simple way to find the deals without doing any work. #disneyworldorlando #disneyvacation #savingmoney #truecouponing

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