You can expect to find ONE (1) Coupon Insert in your Sunday paper this week:

(1) RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot (RMN) – formerly RedPlum (RP)

Always skim thru the Parade Magazine or USA Today (depending on in your area) each week! Sometimes they contain high-value coupons (over $2) that are worth saving!

Remember, you can print additional coupons online at Coupons.com, SmartSource.com and RedPlum.com that are different coupons than you find in the Sunday inserts.  These web sites are always adding new coupons, but they are limited in number, so you’ll want to print right away before they are gone!

Note:  There will be differences in some coupons and coupon values regionally. The purpose of posting this preview is to give you an idea of what to expect in your Sunday paper to help you decide how many newspapers to buy.

12/1/19 RetailMeNot

$2/1 Advil Children’s Product, exp. 12/8/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain, Allergy &Congestion Relief or Multi-Symptom Cold & Flu Product, exp. 12/8/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$5/2 Always Discreet Incontinence Products, exp. 12/14/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Axe Bodywash or Detailer, exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Dimetapp Product, exp. 12/8/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$3/2 Dove Advanced Care and Men + Care Antiperspirant or Deodorant Sticks 2.6 oz+, exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$4/2 Dove and Dove Men+Care Hair Products 12 oz +, exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/24 Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Cans 1 oz, exp. 2/1/20 (RMN 12/1/19)
$1/6 Fancy Feast Broths Pouches 1.4 oz, exp. 2/1/20 (RMN 12/1/19)
$1.50/1 Love Beauty And Planet Product (excludes hair masque), exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$1/2 Mars Chocolate Holiday Bags, exp. 12/25/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$3/1 No7 Serum Restore & Renew, Lift & Luminate, Protect & Perfect Serums, exp. 3/1/20 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 No7 Moisturizer Restore & Renew, Lift & Luminate Protect & Perfect Moisturizers, exp. 3/1/20 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 No7 Face Cosmetics Foundation, Concealer, Primer or Powder, exp. 3/1/20 (RMN 12/1/19)
FREEE Olay Facial Cleanser wyb (1) Olay Facial Moisturizer (excludes Active Hydrating and Complete), exp. 12/14/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Polident Denture Cleanser Tablets 72 ct, exp. 12/31/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2.50/1 Polident Denture Cleanser Tablets 120 ct +, exp. 12/31/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Children’s Robitussin Product, exp. 12/8/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Adult Robitussin Product, exp. 12/8/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$1/2 Rubbermaid Take-Alongs Products, exp. 1/12/20 (RMN 12/1/19)
$3/2 Schwartzkopf Color Ultime, Keratin Color, Got2B Hair Color Products, exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Shea Moisture Hair Care, exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$1/1 Snuggle Product, exp. 12/22/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Snuggle Scent Shakes Product, exp. 12/22/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$3/1 Sundown Product, exp. 12/31/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$1.50/1 Super Poligrip 2.0 oz+, exp. 12/25/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$5/2 Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner Products 22-39 oz, exp. 12/15/19 (RMN 12/1/19)
$2/1 Adult Tylenol PM or Simply Sleep, exp. 12/29/19 (RMN 12/1/19)

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