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I picked up the Blinkie pictured below while shopping and noticed it is missing from the Coupon Database. (The top picture is the front of the blinkie and the bottom is the back.)

Here is the information you should enter into the required fields on the “Submit a Coupon” page:

Description: Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough, any variety

Value: $1.25/2

Expiration: 1/30/11

Source/URL: Blinkie

Limitations: (leave blank for this coupon)

Store: (leave blank for this coupon)

Category: Choose “Refrigerated” from the drop-down menu

The Source/URL field is where you got the coupon. It could be “Blinkie“, “Tearpad” or the name of a coupon booklet. Please enter the name of the coupon booklet and not just the word “booklet”. If the coupon is a printable coupon, enter the URL of the coupon in this field. It will start with “http://”.

Limitations are any restrictions such as size restrictions (i.e. 40 oz or larger) or exclusions (i.e. excludes trial size or pouches, etc).

The Store field is where you note if the coupon is a store coupon. Leave this field blank for manufacture coupons and enter the store name if it is a store coupon.

Thank you and enjoy!!!