In the West Central area of Florida, every few weeks
Publix puts out a special Single Page Flyer
in the newspaper with a generous printed coupon.
This past week we received a $5 Off $40.

Well, today I received a bonus additional surprise in my Mailbox!!

Publix $5 Off $40 3-18-16

Not Only did I receive this postcard
for $5 Off a $40 order at Publix, I also received a Fresh Market $5 Off $25!

The Publix coupon does not have the same exclusive store stipulations as last time. It does however state one coupon per household per day and it is not valid until TOMORROW 3/18/16 through 3/26/16.

Here’s what both postcards look like:

Publix And Fresh Market Coupons Mar 2016

Years ago when they put these types of flyers ONLY in the mail, I would go to the post office and people would leave them on the desk if they weren’t going to use them (kinda on the counters above the trash). Comment below if you found one in your mailbox (or post office) too! By the way, I’m in zip code 33596!

Winn Dixie Competitor Coupons
It Can Be Used At Winn Dixie Too!

Back when Winn Dixie bought Sweetbay Supermarkets, they started accepting competitor coupons. If you have a Winn Dixie in close proximity to a Publix then they might accept them! We have a GREAT LIST of Winn Dixie stores that are accepting competitor coupons, check and see which store near you is on our list! Know before you go!

~That’s an EXTRA $10 in Savings This Week!!

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