We know sometimes couponing can be confusing, and we are here to help!

Here at True Couponing, we receive questions daily about all kinds of things pertaining to couponing. To help answer your questions, we regularly post Questions and Answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our readers.

Today’s questions are all about expired coupons…


  1. “How long do I keep my coupon inserts?”
  2. “How do I know which coupons in my file are expired?”
  3. “Is there anything I can do with my expired coupons besides just throw them away?”


  1. Coupon expiration dates vary in each coupon insert. Some coupons may expire in a month but others may not expire for up to a year!
  2. Every couple of months we will post an update letting you know which coupons you can purge from your file.  You can find the latest post about expired coupons under our “Helpful Links” section of the web site.  Look for “Expired Coupons: Donate them!” Which brings me to the next question…
  3. Military families stationed outside the USA can use expired manufacturer’s coupons at on-base Commissaries for up to 6 months past the expiration date!  There is a web site HERE with all the details of how and where you can send your expired coupons.

Coupon inserts to purge from your files now:

All coupons are now expired in inserts…
prior to and including 09/26/10,
except in the 09/19/10 insert there is a set of (3) Listerine coupons that do not expire until 03/31/11.

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