The 2014 Coupon Insert Schedule Is Here!

You can view the 2014 Coupon Insert Schedule online
or you can print out a copy HERE.
For future reference, you can find this 2014 Coupon Insert Schedule in the menu at the top of the website under Coupons>Coupon Insert Schedule or at the bottom of the website in the Helpful Links section.

NOTE: The schedule released at the beginning of the year is subject to change.  We provide a printable version of this schedule for your convenience, but the web page will be the most up-to-date version so check back here often!

Coupon Insert Previews & Regional Differences

We publish a Sunday Coupon Insert Preview every Thursday which is a list of the coupons we expect to come in the newspaper. Each Tuesday evening we publish the EXACT list of what coupons came in the paper (we call these “Regional Differences“). We suggest printing the Regional Differences for your newspaper and including it in the file with your coupon inserts each week. The Regional Differences lists are alphabetized, so you can quickly see what coupons you have in your file. This will save you lots of time so you are NOT searching for a coupon you may not have even received in your inserts!

Are you paying too much for your coupon inserts?

You will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to have them delivered right to your home each week!

  1. Home Delivered Newspaper Subscriptions – True Couponing has negotiated the BEST RATE you can get for Home Delivery from the Tampa Bay Times and Orlando Sentinel Newspapers. Visit the True Couponing Online Store to view rates for your area!
  2. Home Delivered Coupon Inserts – If you can’t get one of our discounted newspapers delivered to your area, True Couponing recommends ordering your Coupon Inserts from Insert Insanity.  It’s about the same price as a newspaper, but you’ll never have to run around Sunday mornings tracking down your coupon inserts.  You can pre-order your Coupon Inserts and even set up a recurring order that works much like a newspaper subscription (but you’ll ONLY get the inserts, not a whole newspaper). Your inserts will be shipped bia USPS Priority Mail.

~ Happy Saving in 2014 ~