This past week I’ve received several emails and comments from readers about how to specifically set up their coupon box.

Since I”m in the process of updating the videos inside the True Way To Coupon Course, I thought it would be fun to share with you one of the (almost) outdated ones showing the details for how to set up your coupon box for success.

Taking the 5 minutes each week to set up your coupon box means you’ll be ready to cut your coupons and go shopping at a moments notice. It takes the hassle out of couponing.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t have time to coupon.


I run a coupon blog so I SEE all the deals that I need to get for my family, yet I don’t have time to cut all the coupons and run get each and every deal.

HOWEVER… because of how I have my coupon system set up on auto-pilot… I spend barely any time cutting coupons, which means I can quickly and easily run up and get a deal on my way to or from something else!

It’s like having the answers before I even take the test!


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Every Sunday I have my youngest child, my 11-year-old, Beier, unstuff my newspapers and load them in the box just like I did in the video above.

Then, when I see a deal that I know I want to get, or we need to do our weekly grocery shopping, I look over the shopping list for the store I want to shop at and I simply tell the same youngest child (Beier) which file folders to grab out of my box.

At this point, I don’t even cut any coupons.

So I head out the door with 3-5 file folders with coupons inside them.

When I get to the store, I bring my folders inside with me and I follow my shopping list. As I get up to each item on my list that has a coupon matched to it, I look through the coupon insert inside the file folder and then determine how many I want to buy.

It’s the laziest form of couponing I know.

But it works.

In fact here is a recent DRASTIC shopping trip I had on 2/22/18. I don’t usually take pictures of my shopping trips because I don’t have time, but I sent James to do this one and he was all excited about his savings, so I took a photo of his receipt as well as the products he bought to tease my family about it.

We spent $11 TOTAL and saved over $70. And as you can see, it was on meat and veggies. NOTE: These deals are NOT valid any longer. Each week all the deals change when the sales change.

Regardless of the deals, each week the process stays the same:

  1. Get my coupons on Sunday (by purchasing the newspaper)
  2. Beier Files coupon inserts on Sunday (this is what you are seeing in the video above)
  3. Make my shopping list (print any coupons on deals I’m going to get)
  4. Ask Beier to grab the file folders that have the coupons in them I see on my list
  5. Bring the file folders with me to whatever event my children have that night
  6. Go to the store (either directly to the store or stopping off at the store on my way home from a child’s event)
  7. Bring the file folders inside the store
  8. Shop for each item on my list and cut coupons as I put each item in my cart

This is just one video from my True Way To Coupon Course, which has 40 go-at-your-own-pace videos to walk you step-by-step through each and every way to use a coupon so you are a super successful (and savvy) shopper.

The neat part is that you can “binge watch” the whole course in one single afternoon, just as if you attended one of my workshops. Except you also have the option to rewatch a video at any time or ask a question directly underneath a video for me to further clarify something.

I also have a FREE Online Coupon Class you can watch here. It will get you up to speed in about a week with the basics!

The coupon cutter I show in the video is a FREE bonus that comes with the course, or you can get one separately here.

By setting up your coupon box ahead of time and getting organized, you’ll be one step ahead of the game to make it easier to save money on your groceries each week. My ultimate hope is that you will learn how to use coupons to shop strategically so you can save a ton of money with the least amount of effort.

What do you want to learn next about couponing? Comment below and let me know!