Do the words BOGO (Buy One Get One) confuse you? Or maybe you think you know BOGO’s, but what about when you start to pair a BOGO Sale with a BOGO Coupon? How many items do you need to buy? And how many will truly be FREE? Enter the BOGO Coupon Cheat Sheet!

I have taken the common BOGO scenarios (Buy One Get One, Buy One Get Two etc) and dissected them into a Handy Downloadable Sheet you can reference when trying to figure out a BOGO Sale and BOGO Related Coupon.

Download the BOGO Coupon Cheat Sheet

If you live in an area where you can buy only ONE (1) in a BOGO Sale at Half Price (instead of buying one at full price and then the “get one” at $0), then this is your Cheat Sheet:

Download the Half-Price BOGO Coupon Cheat Sheet

BOGO Coupon Questions:

What about if using other coupons along with a BOGO coupon? Such as, if you add in a Store Coupon. Or the rules for using a BOGO Coupon along with another Manufacturer coupon? I’ve clarified those questions too:

Can I use (2) BOGO coupons, if I am purchasing (2) items?

No. One BOGO coupon “covers” two items, so in order to use that second BOGO coupon, you need to purchase (4) total products. So you can only use (1) BOGO coupon for each (2) items that you purchase.


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Can I use a manufacturer coupon along with a BOGO coupon, if I am purchasing (2) items?

No. Again, one BOGO coupon “covers” two items, so you cannot use any another coupon (such as a $1 off (1) item, or $1 off (2) items) along with the BOGO, unless you purchase more items to utilize the other coupon.

Can I use a store coupon along with a BOGO coupon, if I am purchasing (2) items?

Yes! Remember, you can use (1) Store and (1) Manufacturer coupon per item, so the (1) BOGO MQ covers (2) items and then the SQ can be stacked along with it! If it is a “Off (1)” store coupon, you can use (2) SQ’s along with that one BOGO MQ. If it is an “Off (2)” store coupon, then you can only use (1) SQ along with the BOGO MQ coupon.

Can I use a BOGO Manufacturer coupon stacked along with a BOGO Store coupon?

Yes! That would be similar to a BOGO Sale and using a BOGO MQ. You can use One MQ and One SQ per item, so that it totally acceptable. We don’t see it very often, but it is an ethical usage of coupons.

Basically, a Store Coupon is a bonus coupon that can be stacked on top of the sale, and the MQ, whether it is BOGO or regular. Just make sure you stay within the confines of the coupon (such as if it is “Off (2)” you must buy (2) items).

~Now Go BOGO!!

BOGO Coupon Cheat Sheet {Free Download}