Coupon Lingo

When you start looking at Coupon Matchups, it can be super confusing. It could feel like you might need to learn a new language. I’ll help you understand it in minutes.

Here you’ll see a sample of that confusing information broken down into a simple way to remember it all.

Here are the most common “lingo” items you will see:

  1. First of all, you need to know that the letter Q means Coupon. Then…
  2. MQ and SQ : Since Q = Coupon, MQ means Manufacturer Coupon and SQ means Store Coupon
    Easy, right?!
    A Manufacturer coupon can be used in any store that accepts coupons.
    A Store coupon can only be used at THAT store. Unless you are shopping at a store that accepts competitor coupons. Then, the original store coupon could be used at more stores than it’s own. For example, my local grocery store, Publix, accepts Target store coupons as well as it’s own. So I can take a Target Store Coupon and use it at my local Publix.
    • On the Store Matchup Lists, you will see that all the MQ’s are color coded in Red and all the SQ’s are color-coded in Green that makes it easy to see that you can “stack” them and use one Red and one Green on each item.
    Both of these types of coupons can be found in the newspaper inserts as well as printed online.
  3. SS, RP and PG – These are the short terms we use for the coupon inserts that come in the newspaper!
    SS is the SmartSource Coupon Insert.
    RP is the RedPlum Coupon Insert and
    PG is the Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert. Not each coupon insert comes out each week so make sure to check the entire schedule for the year (called the Coupon Insert Schedule) to see what coupons will come each week.
  4. The Road Map – The way TRUE Couponers save so much time is that these shortcuts tell them where to find the coupons.
    So you NEVER cut a coupon that you aren’t going to use!
    The Weekly Shopping List for each store points out what is on sale, then it will also tell you where to find the coupon.
    For example: on an item on the shopping list, you might see this: (SS 03/05/17)
    That means that that coupon can be found in the SmartSource Coupon Insert found inside the Newspaper on 3/5/17.
  5. WYB – When you are looking at a Weekly Shopping List, you will also notice some jargon underneath each individual item.
    It will look like this:
    FREE wyb (2) and use SQ and (2) $1/1 MQ!
    That looks like German, right?
    If read properly, it means: This item is FREE wyb (when you buy) TWO {Items} and use the ONE Store Coupon as well as TWO $1 off one item Manufacturer’s Coupons!
    I try to make this easy so that when you go to shop, you will know to simply put (2) items in your cart and hand over (1) Store Coupon and (2) Manufacturer Coupons.
    See? It’s easy! Just follow my formula!

  6. OOP – Pronounced by spelling the letters, O-O-P is just a common term used across the board with all couponers, and it means Out Of Pocket. It is the bottom line amount you are going to spend in total. Because that’s the most important part, right?

Download the ENTIRE list of Lingo here!

Basically, once you know the lingo ~ it’s really not that scary, and you are on your way to great savings!!

Download the Coupon Lingo Sheet here

Here’s a video with more information: