More than ever, people are looking to save money during the holiday season.

If you’re one of those people, you might be interested in learning how to coupon during the holidays!

Couponing is a great way to save some extra money and stock up on things, but it’s not the only way to save during the holidays!

Since saving money during the holiday season is important, it really can be easy when you follow these strategic shopping tips.

Plus, you can get the family involved helping you find deals to keep your budget in check.

And saving money couldn’t be any faster when you use apps!

These great tips will help you learn to coupon and save more during the holidays!

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Use Digital Coupons, Coupon Apps, And eCoupons

If you want to coupon during the holidays but find yourself lacking the time to clip coupons, try couponing apps instead.

Fetch is another app that works as a rebate. Simply submit your receipt and you get FREE points based on your purchases!
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Not only are there great apps like Fetch and Ibotta, there are various ones named “Coupons”, but there are also quite a few apps pertaining to local grocery stores that allow you to add digital coupons to your store card.


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

Digital coupons are an easy way to save at your local grocery store. All you have to do is click the items you want, shop, and save.

Most of the larger grocery and drug stores have digital coupons including Target, Publix, Kroger, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Winn Dixie, CVS, Walgreens, and more.

It cuts the hassle right in half during this holiday season and opens up a lot of time and savings for you!

Here’s how to start couponing with just your smartphone!

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Get The Sunday Paper & Check The Flyers

Getting the Sunday paper ensures you’ll be able to see all the coupon inserts in it each Sunday, as well as, the Sales Flyers for Black Friday and beyond. It’s a great way to save during the holidays.

It’s very cheap and can help you save a ton of money this holiday season! Set an alarm on your calendar each Sunday to grab one on your way home from church each week.

I always get my kids involved with this process. I give them a marker and have them scan the ads to see where the cheapest turkeys are, and the other items on my grocery. Plus we take the time to see if there are any items on my gift list. It becomes a great big scavenger hunt for them and we end up saving so much money.

I just write down the stores I need to go to and which items I need to get at each one. Plus, I’ll add the items I can get online which will save me more time and money this holiday season.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to clip all the coupons from the inserts, just the ones you want or need!

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Strategize Your Shopping

Couponing is a great way to save money but there are other techniques that can help you save more during the holiday season.

The first way is to stock up on items you need when they are at their lowest price. I know that when the spices go BOGO at my local store, is when I stock up on the spices I’ll need for the holiday season. I purge the spices that are old and replenish the spices I need, plus all the spices we will use for all of the holiday cooking and baking.

Check out all of the Holiday Pantry Items you can stock up on and get ready for the holiday season.

I also make sure I’m shopping at the cheapest place to get my groceries. The holidays can get so busy, and if I only have time to shop at one store, I shop at Aldis for my groceries. This makes sure I’m getting the cheapest prices on what I need when I need it and I’m not having to pay full price at a more expensive grocery store. 

It’s these kinds of strategic shopping techniques that help me save more during the holidays.

Make sure you sign up for your favorite store email newsletters also. Stores like Kohl’s, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works send email alerts of sales and deals when you sign up. This way you can make a shopping plan for what you need to buy and when the best time for you to buy it will be.

Couponing isn’t just for grocery stores. It’s about how you save during the holidays throughout all the stores that will help you save the most money this holiday season!

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Save More With Discounted Gift Cards

So you’re standing in line, and you have a coupon and it’s on sale – that’s great! But what if you could be saving more?

Although you should do this before heading to the store (I have done this while standing in those long holiday checkout lines), check Cardpool and Cardcash to see if you can find a discounted gift card!


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

It’s a great way of “couponing” your savings to even more! And who doesn’t want to save more during the holidays!

And of course, you could always turn those discounted digital gift cards into physical gift cards to hand out as gifts. It’s an easy way to save on shopping and gifting.

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Check Out The Store’s Coupon Policy

It’s important to read up on a store’s coupon policy before you head to the store and attempt to coupon during the holidays.

Some stores allow stacking of coupons, allowing you to maximize your savings. Other stores are adamantly against this, and you’ll want to know of this before making a trip.

While you do this, you can also search for coupons, sales, and doorbusters, and any other deals making your couponing time even more efficient!

I also check for deals in the neighboring stores around where I’m going. This way I’m not missing a deal that is going on in the same vicinity as to where I’m already headed. I try to maximize the potential shopping trip, while I minimize my time and gas. 

So as you can see, saving money during the holiday season is important. But it can be really easy to do when you follow these tips.

Plus, getting the family involved helps you find deals that help to keep your budget in check.

Money-saving apps couldn’t be any faster too!


YOUR TURN: How do you save with coupons during the holiday season? Share with me below!

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How To Coupon Your Way Through The Holiday Season