School Supply PinterestAs Back to School approaches, what should you be paying for all those necessary school supplies? How do you know when the sale is really a good price, or just a marketing ploy?

  1. Just A Buck: Markers, Colored Pencils, Scissors, Binders & Dividers – Colored pencils just $1, markers less than a $1 (unless they are washable, then $1.50) Scissors are a good deal at $1 or less EACH, adult or kids. Binders normally cost around $4, so to get them for just $1 is stock up time! (you should only spend 50¢ on flimsy binders)
  2. Only 50¢: Just two Quarters will get you 10 Packs of Pens, Pencils or Page Protectors! Yes, a 10 Count of Normal Pens & Pencils or Page Protectors can be frequently found at Drug Stores for less than $0.50. Now you won’t need to be frustrated when someone fails to give you back your pen…they can keep it! {Note: Mechanical pencils will cost a little more at around $1.50.}
  3. Under a Quarter: There are nine items that cost just one Quarter! (Sometimes these will require a $5 minimum purchase) They are: white school glue, crayons, folders, spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, 2-pk of glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, erasers and rulers.
  4. Most Expensive School Supplies? Sharpies and Dry Erase Markers cost around $2 for a 4 pack.
  5. Backpacks: just hold off (for right now). If you don’t find an inexpensive one during your states Tax Free holiday (usually held at the beginning of August), then hold off for a few weeks and wait until they are on clearance or the Office Supply store offer rewards to buy them.  You can pay up to 80% less by waiting only a couple weeks!

You may be wondering HOW to get these items at this lowest price?
You will find a handy Shopping Cart shoppingcartsmall or True Deal True-Dealicon next to any applicable item in our Office Supply, Pharmacy or Grocery store shopping lists here on TrueCouponing.com!

Remember, school supplies make great stocking stuffers at Christmas time too…just when they have lost or broken most items, you can replenish their supply!

There is a huge potential to save so much money on School Supplies simply by knowing how much to spend at the right time! This is my personal favorite time of year…buying office supplies. And right now is when we need to stock up…for the entire school year! These items will dip in and out of the BEST sale prices over the next month at the office supply stores, pharmacies and super centers. Knowing what you should pay before you go in, will save you a TON of money!

~Happy School Supply Shopping!