Target’s Cartwheel App: The ULTIMATE Triple Stack for Savings!

target cartwheel app

TTarget Cartwheelarget has a digital app program to help you save even more called Cartwheel. It is a super easy way to save without even needing to clip any coupons!

To access the Cartwheel Offers, you will need to sign in with your Target account, a Facebook account, or your Google profile.


Here are some FAQ’s to help you understand & utilize this program better.

What is Target Cartwheel?

Cartwheel is a FREE Savings program that allows you to save an additional 5%-50% on items you purchase. Just choose the offers that you’d like to possibly utilize and scan one single barcode to redeem them at checkout.

Can you use it without a Smartphone?

YES! Simply access the Cartwheel program from your computer and add offers. The one barcode you use at checkout does not change no matter how many offers you add or subtract (or eventually expire) so you can print it once and keep it in your wallet to use whenever you shop. New offers you add will automatically synch with your barcode. Easy! View the available coupon offers.

Can I stack these offers with anything else at Target?

YES! The best part about shopping at Target is that you can use the Cartwheel discount along with Target store coupons and also along with any Manufacturer coupons. It’s like the ultimate triple stack! Target discount, on top of Target Store coupons on top of Manufacturer coupons! The caveat of this is that you cannot use Target Mobile coupons (coupons that are texted to you from Target) along with the Target Store coupons (but that really doesn’t affect your Cartwheel discount).

How many times can I use each Cartwheel offer?

Each Cartwheel offer can be used four times per transaction. And you can scan your Cartwheel barcode up to 6 times each day. That means you could potentially purchase 24 identical items that utilize the cartwheel discount in one day. Ummm, that’s plenty!

How many Cartwheel offers can use at one time?

You can “load” 10 offers immediately when you sign up. Then you will earn more space to save more offers the more you use the app. You can use ALL 10 offers each time you scan your barcode (up to 6 times per day). So, if you load 10 offers into the app, and you purchase items that qualify for all of those 10 offers, then the Cartwheel discount will apply to every single one of them! And you could essentially have 4 of each item. Whoa! That’s a lot of savings.

When I’m in the store is there an easy way to see if there is a Cartwheel offer available?

Target Cartwheel ScreenshotYes! Inside the Cartwheel App, click the search button, then either type in the product name, or scan the upc label on the product (if you are inside the store and curious if the product you are looking at has an offer available). Super easy! Don’t forget to hit “load” in order for it to be attached to your individual barcode and utilized at the register!

When should I scan the Cartwheel App, before or after coupons?

Most likely the cashier will scan the Cartwheel app last. The Cartwheel discount will apply after Target store coupons, but before any Manufacturer coupons. Look at a quick example:

Product: $3.99
Cartwheel Discount 10%
Target Store Coupon (SQ): $1 off (1) item {$1/1}
Manufacturer Coupon (MQ): $.50 off (1) item {$0.50/1}

$3.99 (Product)$1 (Target SQ) = $2.99
$2.99 – 10% Cartwheel Discount (minus 30¢) = $2.69
$2.69 – 50¢ MQ = $2.19 Final Price

Does everyone get the same offers?

Yep! Everyone has access to the same offers, and everyone has at least 10 slots available to load them into. New offers are loaded every Sunday!

Will these offers be included on the True Couponing Target Weekly Ad?

Yep! We include these discounts in the weekly Target Matchups to help you save the most when you shop at Target. Of course, we are human, so if you see something we missed, please comment on the site, or post the deal to our Hot Deals Facebook Group and share the love!

So? What are you waiting for? Sign up for Target Cartwheel now!

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