I’m a breastfeeding advocate… it’s free, natural, and always at the perfect temperature. But sometimes you need to find the best baby formula for your baby.

I do understand that there are situations in which you cannot breastfeed your baby. I got pregnant with my third baby when my second was only 9 months old… so we had to buy formula for him.

If you feed your baby formula, you have already discovered how very expensive formula can be!

Did you know that the average baby will drink about $1,700 worth of the best baby formula in his or her first year of life?

That’s one hefty price tag so there have to be some cheaper options.

And while we all love our babies, we know this will be the start of one pricey but wonderful adventure in parenting. There has to be some kind of saving hacks for the best baby formula!

But there has to be a way to cut that price down even a little bit for our budget’s sake. We have another 18 years of hefty price tags to go!

So I’ve figured out several easy ways to help you save money on the best baby formula.


Ways To Save Money On Baby Formula


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Choose A Powdered Baby Formula


There Are 3 Types Of Baby Formula Available.

These include ready to feed/premixed, powder, and concentrated baby formula.

Each particular brand/type/variety is available in all three forms of the baby formula.

Of all the three, powdered (measure and mix with water) is the least expensive. Then followed by the concentrated (the liquid you mix with more water). And then premixed (ready to go, slap a nipple on it and drink!) which is the most expensive.


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Powdered May Be Less Convenient, But Worth The Money Saved.

Yet, if your baby suffers from colic then ready to feed formula should be the best. This is because it is pre-mixed and hence less bubbly.

If you have a colic-free baby, then identify a brand your baby likes then get the powder form of the baby formula.

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Sign Up For The Best Baby Formula Checks

I never knew what a “formula check” was before I looked into saving money with my babies. Manufacturers will mail consumers a check that acts as a coupon. The consumer will redeem the check at the store for the formula. The check reimburses the retailer like a check.

Register with Similac and Enfamil to start getting formula checks.

One inconvenience is that the checks now come with the recipient’s name pre-printed on it. This means your friend or family member will need to be with you to use it. That can be frustrating if you need Daddy to run out for the best baby formula and your name is on the check. Argh!


Stack Sales, Coupons And Formula Checks For Greater Savings

The best part is that you can combine the checks along with coupons. You can combine store and manufacturer coupons for greater discounts at most stores.

I have received checks from $1 all the way up to $7.

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Get FREE Samples


Ask For Samples And Coupons At Your Pediatrician’s Office.

Companies that manufacture formula give pediatricians loads of coupons, samples, and other goodies. They do this to try and win your future business on the best baby formula for newborns.

Ask for those samples, and then make sure you sign up with the companies to receive special offers in the mail.

You can also ask your friends and family to sign up with these manufacturers too. Ask for the goodies they receive to help offset your baby formula costs.


Get Signed Up

Sign up with these companies: Enfamil, Similac, Huggies, and Pampers.

If you are dreading the influx of email, sign up a separate email for these companies. Only log into the account to check for coupons and deals.

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Buy In Bulk


Check Bulk Prices

Check your local Sam’s Club, BJ’s or Costco wholesale club to check prices on formula. Most stores will let you enter as a guest to check prices before joining.

You can even order the best baby formula by the case online from regular stores like Target, Walmart or Amazon.

In fact, you may end up getting the same deal as the stores who sell bulk.


Check Online Prices

Amazon has a couple of great options for saving money on the baby formula (plus it comes straight to your door).

The Amazon Mom program will save you 20% off diapers and wipe subscriptions. Plus you’ll be getting a 3-month free trial of Amazon Prime (giving you free 2-day shipping). Then, you can get 5% off when you “Subscribe and Save” an extra 15% off when you subscribe to 5 items total.

If you are leery of purchasing the baby formula online, ask your local grocer if they will give you a “case discount”. Sometimes that can save you an extra 10-15% off!

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Swap Samples Or Coupons

Identify a local moms group and join it. They are super easy to find on Facebook.

When you sign up with the best baby formula manufacturers, do not only do so with a brand you know your baby loves.

Instead, sign up with many of them. When you get coupons from brands you don’t like, swap them with mothers who do like them.

This is like a two-way situation where everybody wins! You help another mom save money while you are also helped to save some.

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Check Your Health Insurance Coverage


Specialty Formula

If you have an infant who requires special formula, then you can buy it as a prescription. In fact, if it is a specialty formula then your insurance carrier may cover it. You will explain yourself well and your child’s need for the special formula.

For example, your baby might need soy or amino acid based formula. Also, some infants can only take lactose-free formulas. Do not hesitate to contact your health insurance provider if that is the case.


Tiny Steps You Can Take Today To Have More Money Tomorrow

Download this FREE Guide with 5 Solutions to show you how to have more money today.

Flexible Spending Account

You can submit the expenses through a flexible spending account if it is not covered. That will shield you from paying income tax on the money you are paying for the best baby formula.

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Supplement With Breast Milk

Another easy way to save on the best baby formula is to supplement with breast milk. Breastfeed as much as you can so that your baby ends up using less of the best baby formula.

For instance, you can breastfeed before you leave home for work, so the baby will stay full for at least two hours.

Pump When You Can

Also, you can invest in a breast pump, so the milk you leave behind can supplement the best baby formula.

There are so many to choose from. Find more about the best breast pumps out there.

Also, you can invest in a breast pump, so the milk you leave behind can supplement the best baby formula.

There are so many to choose from. Find more about the best breast pumps out there.

I know pumping is not fun (I used to dread it too), but when you think about it being work a couple of dollars each time… you can feel less guilty when you treat yourself to a pedicure!

So as you can see, there are many saving options and the best baby formula saving hacks that you may not have thought of.

While the baby formula only feeding can be expensive, there are ways to save.

And if you can supplement with breast milk you can be saving even more!


Your Turn: What creative ways have you found for the Baby Formula? Let me know in the comments below!

If you feed your baby the best baby formula, you know how very expensive it can be! Here\'s how you can save on formula and not spend a fortune! #truemoneysaver #baby #babyformula #formula #bestbabyformula