How To Make Over $300 This Year Using Your SmartPhone {And Doing Almost Nothing}

Sounds too good to be true, right?! I mean doing almost nothing and making money?

Well don’t miss the very end of this post where I put together the summary of the exact $300 breakdown. I’m awfully conservative, so I would bet you can make $300 quicker than an entire year. So make sure you send me an email or comment below and let me know!

I spoke about this topic on Fox TV on 9/3/17. Watch the replay here:

You are probably sick of hearing about the several reward apps that I use all the time to get FREE Money, such as IbottaCheckout51 and SavingStar, but those all involve making grocery purchases.

What if I told you that you could make over $300 this year by putting your SmartPhone to work for doing almost nothing (and never need to buy certain groceries)?

Well, grab out your smartphone, because I’ve got four MUST DOWNLOAD APPS that will help you start making some side money right away!

 1. ScoopBroker App

This past week my family was driving through a nearby town and we saw a bunch of police cars and then we saw the police hiding behind SWAT barricades getting ready to swarm inside a house! It was so exciting (and very scary too).

There was a little crowd gathered across the street taking video with their phones to watch the process unfold.

We didn’t stay to watch, but I realized that you could probably get the news companies to pay you for that video footage to use on the news later that night.

And you CAN!

ScoopBroker App is a way to get paid to send videos from your phone to news companies just like Fox.

If you leave the app running, they will even send you notifications of assignments when you are near the location of a place they would like to have some video footage!

Each video will pay between $25 – $50 and they will sell it to several stations, so you could earn exponentially more than a one time fee.

You could even upload Natural disasters, severe weather, car accidents, local parades and see if the news stations pick it up (and therefore you get paid for it).

That’s getting paid for using your phone at the right time!

Get ScoopBroker HERE

2. SurveySavvy App

This option is seriously just free money.

You know how companies are always saying things like, “10% more people use Google for searching the web over Yahoo” (I’m completely making up this statistic) well how do they know that?? Companies use resources such as SurveySavvy Apps to tell them!

And you get paid to help them figure it out! You’ll get $5 per month PER connected device for them to collect information about how you use the internet.

They use the data to find trends in online search, shopping, entertainment and other applications.

Don’t worry… nothing is specifically user identified (unlike Ibotta and Checkout51 where they know who exactly bought what and when because you uploaded your receipt and sent it to them).

I connected my computer and my phone and I haven’t noticed them functioning any slower either. So I’m sold!

One more thing I just found out. SurveySavvy will also pay you when you refer friends (I couldn’t figure out what they pay though…) If you are going to sign up, would you please use use my referral link?

Get SurveySavvy HERE

3. Foap Photo App

I know it’s an odd word to say, like Soap… but with the phonetic sound of PHOtos… regardless of how to pronounce the app, it is a neat, easy, way to make money using the photos we have on our phones.

Especially with the high-quality cameras built into smartphones nowadays. I paid a pretty penny 15 years ago for a 10-megapixel camera… now it comes standard with my phone? That’s crazy.

Foap is an app that will buy your photos uploaded directly from your phone.

Simply tag the photo, list it for sale and make $5 each time it sells.

The really fun thing is to look at the photos that have sold recently to see if there is a trend of photos you could upload.

There are also easy “missions” from brands requesting photos of their products with real customers, such as Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and Bank of America.

I’m pretty sure I can take better photos of my cats than the ones above that just sold, right?!!

And my daughter Annabelle takes wayyyyy better photos than I do, so I made her join and upload photos to this app also.

Neither of us have sold any photos just yet. We’ve uploaded about 20 photos each. You are welcome to find us in the app, simply search for our names: Kati Kiefer (username TrueKati) and Annabelle Kiefer

Get Foap HERE

4. Paribus App

This app is seriously completely effortless.

You know how many stores guarantee the lowest price for 7-14 days after your purchase. Well, the only problem with this concept is that you still have to pay attention to the price comparison across all the stores!

That’s where Paribus comes in!

Simply have your receipts emailed to yourself (or connect it directly to your Amazon, Walmart or Debit/Credit card accounts) and Paribus will scan your inbox for order confirmation emails and then scour the web for a lower price.

When they find a better price, Paribus contacts the retailer on your behalf, then you’re refunded the difference via your original form of payment.

Paribus works with popular retailers that offer a price guarantee such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s etc.

The average user saves over $60 per year using Paribus. I’ve only been connected for about 2 weeks and I haven’t bought anything yet for them to price check for me…

Get Paribus HERE

$300 Earnings Summary 

Here’s how to earn your $300:

  • Sell just ONE photo per month using the Foap App = $5/month = $60/year
  • Let SurveySavvy run in the background on two devices/computers = $10/month = $120/year
  • Catch 2 videos that sell during the course of the year at $30 each (I prefer to underestimate things) = $60 Total for the year
  • Have all your receipts scanned and Paribus submits for prices changes on your behalf = $60 for the year

That adds up to $300 Total! ($60 + $120 + $60 + $60)

YOUR TURN: Comment below and tell me which app you are most excited to try! And please share if you use another one to make money too. I’d love to hear all about it!