How To Get FREE Adult Coloring Books Forever!

Have you started coloring again like when you were a child? It’s relaxing and kinda feels like your doodling within the lines of a beautiful canvas. Although, I’m not really sure what to do with the final product because I think my kids would find it comical if I hung it on the refrigerator (or framed it).
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The Adult Coloring Books are now in almost every store I walk in, and the average cost is at least $10 each. For a one time use book! So I figured out a way to get them every day for FREE! The Secret Weapon is Amazon. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Amazon and look for the drop down next to the search bar:

FREE eBooks 1

2. Go to Kindle Books Section on Amazon (You don’t even need a Kindle! Just download the FREE Kindle Reading App on your Apple or Android computer, phone or tablet)

FREE eBooks 2

3. Search for Adult Coloring Books (or just bookmark this link where I have already done the search for you!)

FREE eBooks 3

4. *THIS IS THE KEY* Once the initial search results appear. Sort the books by “price low to high” (the default search is by “relevance” for the terms you are using, but we want to know all the titles for this topic we can get for FREE!)

FREE Adult Coloring Books Amazon 4

5. Choose one that looks good to you and click the title to open up the individual item.

Amazon FREE eBooks

6. DO NOT click the “Read for Free” button (even though it is the first button there).
Instead click the “Buy now with 1-Click” or it might just say “add to cart”. You will need to choose where you want this digital product delivered (hint: Where did you download the Kindle app? On your phone? On your computer? You can always deliver it to both on the next screen.)

Kindle Logo

7. Open the Kindle App/Program on your computer or phone and “synch” so that it shows your newest purchase of the FREE ebook.

Kati's Kindle for Mac

8. Open the eBook and look for the page that offers a link to download the entire book, usually this will be the last page of the book. 

Adult Coloring Books Download Link

9. From your computer: Click that link, Download and Print your coloring pages.
From your phone:
Click that link, “share” that link to send it to your email to print from your computer later. Or print directly from your phone (I’m not that high tech just yet).
Sometimes you will have to provide your email address in order to access the page to ensure you are not a spambot.

Kati's Coloring

10. Enjoy (over and over and over again!) Now you can print each page more than once! Print for each child! No more buying each child their own book, or having to share!

Here’s the Direct Link again to
Download Your FREE Adult Coloring eBooks Today!


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