DIY Valentine’s Day Card Made with Paint Swatches


Get creative this Valentine’s Day and make something fun for a loved one. This year we decided to hand make our Valentine’s Day cards by using free paint swatches from our local home improvement store. You wouldn’t believe how creative you can get with a few of these paint swatches. Since it’s Valentine’s Day we chose to display a bunch of little hearts in various pinks on the front of our card. On the inside we printed out a fun Happy Valentine’s Day saying that turned out fantastic. To give the inside an extra little pop we applied 2 glittery hearts picked up from our local Dollar Tree. Are you ready to make your very own Valentine’s Day card? Let’s get started.

Paint-swatches-heartSupplies Used:

  • Paint Swatches in various pink and red colors
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive Glue
  • Kraft Cardstock Paper – {This paper is great to keep on hand for cards. You’ll see below how just about any color just pops against this brown background.}
  • Heart Hole Punch



Grab a few different shades of pinks from your local home improvement store paint section. Once you have selected your colors just cut the strips out and start hole punching hearts out of the selected colors. This is such an easy project that is perfect for kids and adults. We hole-punched a total of 22 hearts for the front of our card.

Inside of card

If you would like to get a saying on the inside like we did all you have to do is type up your text in Microsoft Word, shift it over to the left, and print away (or you can download and print ours as shown above).


Once the print has been completed you will fold the kraft paper in half like a hamburger and in the half crease mark cut it in a straight line. This allowed us to get 2 cards out of one sheet of paper. Once you have made the cut fold them in half again to get a folded traditional card.

Now the fun part!

Dab tons of glue all over the front of your card and start laying your hearts down in a random pattern…definitely get the kids involved in this part. Allow the glue and hearts to dry for a few moments and your homemade Valentine’s Day card is complete.


We felt the inside was a little drab and needed some sparkle so my daughter suggested adding two glittered hearts from the Dollar Tree to give it that extra pop or sparkle. We think it turned out great!


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