Couponing Tips – Common Mistakes to Avoid

You’ve got your scissors, a stack of coupons and you are NOT afraid to use ‘em. Before you hit the store, stop for a second and get some couponing tips and learn what common couponing mistakes you can avoid. Learn to manage your couponing and not let your couponing manage you. We have some excellent couponing tips for those new to couponing and some common couponing mistakes to avoid.

  1. Have Patience with Yourself – Realize that this way of saving is not a “quick fix”. There is a little bit of diligence involved and you are not going to have maximum savings the first weeks out of the gate. Be patient with yourself and be sure to continue buying your newspapers every week and file the coupon inserts. Remember, coupons from this weeks newspapers are not necessarily used this week (in fact usually they are not). At about 4 weeks you will have more of the papers and the coupons that you need and start to see significantly more savings than you had before.
  2. Get a Coupon Buddy – Everything is always more fun with a friend, and couponing is no different. A friend is helpful to bounce ideas off and be sure you are couponing correctly. Plus, they see coupon deals you may have missed, or can help to share coupons (if you have a dog and they have a cat, you can trade coupons). Having a friend to share with those first few couponing trips with makes all the difference in the world.
  3. Have a Couponing System – We teach a specific way to coupon so that you are not cutting coupons every Sunday. It is reasonable couponing…the least amount of time with the most amount of savings. Something that can easily fit into everyone’s life, because none of us have any extra time laying around. In this system, you file your coupon inserts instead of cutting them, and then only cut coupons once you see the sales list for what your family needs. The sales dictate what you buy, not the coupons!

4.  Don’t Buy Unnecessary Things – Couponing can get so exhilarating. When you start to realize all the free or super cheap items you can get, it can get out of control! So you have to exercise restraint and only purchase what your family will use. If something costs only $0.25 but you wouldn’t normally buy it, it may be a super deal but if you don’t normally buy that item you just spent more than you would have! Now if you can get it for free with coupons the item can ALWAYS be donated, especially non-perishable food items and personal care items!

Basically, don’t get defeated before even beginning! Learn the Couponing tips and common mistakes to avoid… and prepare for the savings journey of a lifetime!

~Happy Successful Couponing!

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