Spring break is one of the largest travel seasons of the whole year. With students ranging from elementary all the way up to college age off at one time, competition for flights, hotels, and even restaurants is fierce. Since spring break falls into one of the peak travel seasons, it does mean that prices are increased as well. Know how to get the best deals for your Spring Break Vacations!

You can still take a trip for spring break and get a fantastic deal on your vacation! Here is how to find the best deals for your spring break trip.

Start Thinking Domestic

If you are considering staying in the states this Spring break, there are plenty of deals to score. Airline competition is going to be out there for your flights, while hard-to-reach destinations such as the Caribbean are going to be a little more expensive. If you are looking for a tropical getaway, consider a beachside destination such as Florida instead of the Caribbean.

Fly During The Middle Of The Week

While it can be so tempting to kick off spring break vacations as soon as possible, it can be more beneficial for you to wait if possible. If you leave on a weekday instead of the weekend, you could save twenty-five percent on your flight! Friday departures will be the most expensive, so if you can avoid it, travel during the early portion of the week.

Book As Much As You Can Ahead Of Time

This isn’t just about the flights, but about your entire trip. Hotels and even rental cars may book up quickly, so make sure to book these as soon as you can.

If you are planning activities while on vacation, it might be more beneficial to look ahead of time to see if you can find deals for booking early.

Look For New Hotels

You don’t have to stay at a bed and breakfast to save on your accommodations. Check your destination to see if any hotels have opened in the past year. During spring break, you may be able to find great deals at rock bottom prices while they are trying to get people in the door

Instead of booking online, check the site and then call the front desk to see if you can negotiate a lower rate.

Sign Up For Deal Alerts

If you are looking for a cruise, flight, or something you will need to book, it can benefit you to sign up for deal alerts. Sometimes you can find email ‘subscriber only’ offers which can help you save even more on your trip! Remember to just sign up for the ones you plan on looking into and cancel them when you are done the booking. If you don’t, you could be spammed with a ton of deals every day from here on out.

Wait For Last Minute Deals

The early bird doesn’t always get the worm, and this is true with booking spring break vacations as well. If you are looking for all-inclusive options or even semi-inclusive options, waiting might help you get a better deal. Cruise Lines will do anything to get people in those rooms, since the boat will sail whether they are empty or not, so waiting for a deal could get you a cheaper room!

However, this also means you might end up paying more for your flight and have little wiggle room when it comes to accommodations. If you aren’t picky, consider waiting to grab these deals.

Wait Until The Week Before Or After Spring Break

If you can, wait to take your vacation the week before or after spring break. Since vacationers will have already left or not arrived yet, business will be slow, and hotels and flights will be a lot cheaper. If you have flexibility on your side, consider waiting to take your spring break vacation. It might save you hundreds on everything, and the deals will be hot since peak season will have just ended.

Spring break vacations will be here before you know it, so don’t forget to start looking for those deals as soon as possible! Traveling off-season is not always an option, mainly when the whole family might be off at the same time. If you do decide to travel this spring break, remember to follow these tips!

YOUR TURN: What do you like to do for Spring Break? Let me know in the comments below!

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