If you’re reading this, it means you’re looking for how to save money on household cleaners. You’ve come to the right place! Money savings and cleaning are topics that I know a lot about, and I’m excited to share these tips with you! Cleaning doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck and a strain on your wallet. Here are some simple ways to save money when it comes to your daily chores.

Do It Yourself

Doing it yourself may seem like an obvious one, but many people overlook this when their house is a mess! Hiring someone to clean your house may save you time, but it will certainly not save you any money. Carve out fifteen minutes a day to work on a few chores. If you do it a little every day, it won’t seem so overwhelming. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing it that way in the first place!

Make Your Own Cleaners

Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are your new best friends! Let’s not forget good old fashion soap and water too, though. Instead of purchasing the big brands or even the store brands, try your hand at using what you already have in the house to make your all-purpose cleaners.

Not only will it save you money, but you’ll also be using those items like vinegar that just sit around in the pantry for years on end with no use. Why not put it to the test? Check out my favorite DIY cleaning recipe.

Have A Yard Sale

You may be thinking, “How would having a yard sale help me save money on cleaners?”. That’s an easy question to answer! The less junk you have, the less there is to clean each day.

Gather up all the items that are unnecessary to your survival and happiness and sell them to your neighbors. You’ll even make some cash you can stow away for those pricier cleaning products that are great for really tough stains and spots.

Go Reusable

The throwaway mopping pads are tempting, and I completely understand why. Less fuss less muss. However, less of the fuss means more coming out of your wallet. If you’re honestly looking to save money, reusable mops and washable cloths are the way to go. You could be spending money every month on a new box of wipes, but your trusty old rag just needs to be washed and then its back in business. You can find inexpensive reusable mops on Amazon. Here’s a great one that also comes with its own bucket.

Choose Multi-Purpose

It’s easy to get caught up with all the pretty packaging on those more expensive cleaners. Some advertise that they get the spots out in no time, while others claim to be the miracle cleaner. Forget all of that and start at the beginning. If you want to save your hard earned cash when it comes to cleaning, get a product that works for multiple occasions. All-purpose cleaners frequently go on sale, and you should stock up when they do!

Cut Coupons

Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics. In this case, good old-fashioned coupon clipping. Household cleaning items make up a considerable amount of the coupons that are sent out each day. Why not take advantage of them? Even if you’re only saving what seems like a microscopic amount, it’s an amount all the same. And like I always say, those pennies add up in the end!

Store Brands

Did you know that store brands and name brands are sometimes the same product? It’s true! It’s what the big brand stores don’t want you to know.

While you may feel like you know the product from the advertisements better, you’re actually losing money when you could be getting almost the exact same product for so much less. For instance, I love Mr. Clean magic erasers. You know what though? The store brand works just as well and for a fraction of the cost!

Saving money while cleaning isn’t hard to accomplish. By using the tips above you’re sure to see your home sparkling and your wallet full and happy. Happy saving everyone!

YOUR TURN: Are there any other money-saving tips you have when it comes to cleaning your house? Let me know in the comments below!

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