Doesn’t it seem like everyone you know is taking a vacation? When you’re on a tight budget, it can feel like everyone else is traveling and seeing the world, except for you!

The truth is that you don’t have to have a high paying job or go into debt to be able to travel! You can pay for your vacation with cash, and save up for your vacation without waiting years to take it finally!

Here are some essential tips to save money for travel without a high paying job.

Set A Budget

Do some research and make some calls to find out how much money you will need to have while you are on vacation. Be sure to budget for food, travel, and add some cushion, for just in case scenarios.

Whenever I travel, I put away extra money for items such as food and gas. Since these will vary based on where you eat and traffic, it’s better to have too much than not enough!

Once you know exactly how much you need, it’s time to figure out your timeframe. If you can’t afford to realistically pay for a $1,000 trip in four months, then you will need to extend your timeline.

Determine when you can really take this trip based on when you can save up enough money for it.

Put Away As Much As You Can

If your electric bill was less than you expected, put that extra money toward your vacation!

Challenge yourself to cut back where you can to put more money toward your vacation.

If you are worried about not having enough, set up an automatic transfer so you won’t forget to put your extra money toward it.

Cut Back On The Fun Stuff

If you want to be able to save up quickly, you are going to need to make a little bit of a sacrifice somewhere to find that extra money.

This means you may not be able to eat out every week and get familiar with your kitchen. You may have to skip the movie theatre and have movie nights at home, and cut out many of those “fun expenses”.

Track Your Spending, Closely

It’s not enough to just track how much you are spending; you should be watching every dime and dollar that come in and go out.

Overspending is going to cost you your vacation! Many people don’t realize how those small expenses can add up to hundreds over the course of the month. The truth is that you might not even understand how much you spend on certain things.

Be brutal with yourself and ask yourself what you’re willing to go without to go on this trip.

Look For Cheaper Options

This can be used when planning your vacation as well as when you are saving for your vacation.

When booking your trip, if you are thinking of visiting the Caribbean, it might make more sense to do a cruise than fly down there. A cruise will include food and accommodations and might help you save a little on your trip. You can still visit the Caribbean, but without having to get there and back.

Can you choose a different hotel? Can you drive there? Can you split the cost with another family and go together? These should all be questions you ask yourself while you are planning your trip.

While you are saving, ask yourself if there are any areas where you can choose a cheaper option. Can you select a different grocery store? Is the store brand bread just as good as the name brand?

Making these decisions can help you save money but also make it less painful than doing without. Cheaper is not always the better option, but in this case, it could be the difference between vacationing or not.

You don’t need a lot of money to save up enough for a vacation. Just because you aren’t a millionaire doesn’t mean you can’t get away too! You may have to be more strategic about your finances, but to be able to go on a vacation, that doesn’t sound so bad! Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to saving up for a vacation too!


YOUR TURN: What are you willing to give up now to save for a vacation? Let me know in the comments below!

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