If you’re like me, you’re astounded by the price of a college textbook nowadays.

I mean, come on! You’re already paying for room, board, tuition, and now you get slammed with these ridiculously expensive textbook costs?

There needs to be a better way. And, lucky for you, there’s is!

I’ve found some great ways you can save on college textbooks, and today I’m going to share all of my ideas with you.

After reading this blog, check out some of the options I’ve mentioned and I bet you’ll be able to come up with something!

Here’s how to never pay for a college textbook again!

Free PDF’s

If you haven’t run a search for the textbook you’re looking for online, now is the time to do that.

Did you know that there are often a ton of free PDF versions of commonly used textbooks online if you just do a little digging? It’s true and that easy!

You’ll be able to print off the chapters you need for that week without overloading your printer all at once, and as a plus, you won’t have to lug around that big book to all of your classes.

You also won’t have to worry about erasing anything you write in the book at the end of the year if you’re selling it back to the school.

You’ll have all of your notes written out on the pages you’ve printed and can even loan them to people who take that class in the year to come.

Chances are, they will appreciate not having to purchase those expensive textbooks too.

Copy Someone Else’s

Do you know someone else who is taking the class? Chances are, you will, or you’ll at least know someone who has taken the course in the past.

Check to see if they would be ok lending you their copy so that you can copy the pages you’ll need for that day, week, or even month.

It won’t take you that long and, again, no substantial textbooks to cart around everywhere you go.

If you don’t know someone taking the class, introduce yourself to your desk neighbor on the first day, explain to them your situation, and see if they’d be willing to let you borrow their book once a week or so.

Not only will you be saving on costs of textbooks, but you may also make a new friend in the process! They’ll probably be wondering why they didn’t think of it themselves in the first place!

Share With Someone Else Who Takes The Class

If it’s ok with your professor, see if you can sit next to someone who doesn’t mind sharing their book with you.

You can even come up with a schedule so that you know who can have the book on certain days to study.

Or, you could start a study group and have even more access to the book when you meet up to go over the notes you’ve taken and things coming up on future tests.

When it comes to saving money, you can’t be shy! Ask around and see who would be willing to share with you.

It never hurts just to ask before you spend your hard earned money, right?

Check The Library

Often, your very own library will house the same textbooks that are required for your classes.

While they may be older and more worn in, that won’t matter to you while you’re saving hundreds of dollars. Am I right?

Before you do anything, make a list of all the textbooks you’ll be required to use during the year and bring it to your librarian.

Ask them to look up the titles and see how many they have stashed away somewhere. Most people don’t even know that this is an option, so you’ll be sure to find copies before everyone else gets the memo.

Book Boon

Bookboon.com is a great place to find cheap to free copies of textbooks.

All you have to do is search their website that is filled with thousands of copies of books and click on the one that you’re looking to find.

It’s as simple as that!

I hope these tricks and tips have inspired you to get a little creative and think about some easy ways to save money on college textbooks.

When you’re in college, every little penny counts, so get smart and start looking and asking around.

I bet you’ll be surprised at how willing people are to make things work for you, and how easy it is to find a textbook for free!


YOUR TURN: What other ways have you saved on college books? Let me know in the comments below!

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When you’re in college, every little penny counts, so get smart and start looking for cheap & free textbooks!