If you are looking to avoid the sugar overload of Easter this year, you will find plenty of non-candy treats here! Regardless of your child’s age, these ideas range from toddlers to teens! It is possible to create a candy free Easter basket with these great non-candy Easter basket stuffers! Check out all these great ideas!

Your kids will love these Easter basket stuffers, and they probably won’t even miss the chocolate bunny!

Here are over 60 fun Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas.

  1. Activity Books
  2. Animal Crackers
  3. Bath Toys
  4. Bathing Suit
  5. Beach Towel
  6. Beef Jerky
  7. Blanket
  8. Blocks
  9. Board Books
  10. Bookmark
  11. Books
  12. Bubble Bath
  13. Bubbles
  14. Candle
  15. Chalk
  16. Colored Pencils
  17. Coloring Books
  18. Craft Kit
  19. Crayons
  20. Cute Cup or Mug
  21. Dolls
  22. DVD
  23. Easter Erasers
  24. Finger Paints
  25. Fishing Pole, Fishing equipment: bobbers, tackle, net, etc.
  26. Flip Flops
  27. Frisbee
  28. Fruit
  29. Fruit Snacks
  30. Fun Pencils
  31. Fun Pens
  32. Fuzzy Socks
  33. Gel Pens
  34. Gift Cards
  35. Hair Ties
  36. Homemade Coupons
  37. Jewelry
  38. Journal
  39. Jump Rope
  40. Keychains
  41. Kite
  42. LEGOs
  43. Lipstick or Lip Gloss
  44. Mad Libs
  45. Magazines
  46. Magnet
  47. Marbles
  48. Movie Tickets
  49. Nail Polish
  50. Notebook
  51. Piggy Bank
  52. Playdough
  53. Puzzle
  54. Sand Castle building equipment: Pail, shovel, etc.
  55. Seeds
  56. Silly Putty
  57. Sketch Pad
  58. Slime
  59. Small Toys
  60. Sports equipment
  61. Stamps
  62. Stickers
  63. Stuffed Animals
  64. Sunglasses
  65. Sun Hat
  66. Travel Games
  67. Water Bottle
  68. Watercolors

So there’s a wide variety of items to spur your imagination. It is possible to have a candy-free Easter with these Easter basket stuffers!

YOUR TURN: What would you include in a non-candy Easter Basket? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sick of having another holiday that focuses on CANDY?!! It IS possible to create a candy-free Easter basket your kids will love! #savingmoney #truecouponing #easterbasketideas #easter