College can be a rough time in many young adult lives.

Trying to manage to live on your own, keeping up with your studies and finding ways to make money to survive can be a huge task.

Instead of reaching for another box of ramen noodles you can take some time to do some couponing to save money and finally eat some enjoyable food.

Here are some tips to guide you on your journey towards couponing.

Join A Rewards Program

Many stores have rewards programs set up that provides coupons and deals to their most loyal customers.

Go to the stores that you shop at the most and sign up for their rewards program.

Once you have an online account, it is effortless to log in and select the digital coupons you would like to use.

You can also earn rewards with every purchase that can add up to even more savings.

Gas stations even have rewards programs that will help you save money!

Check Out Websites

Many companies such as Pillsbury, Kraft, and Betty Crocker offer coupons directly from their website.

Look at the products that you buy and do a quick search for the brand website.

Sometimes if you send them a good comment about their products, they will send you coupons or free samples.

Sign-Up for Emails

I know that emails can sometimes be overwhelming when they start filling up your inbox but if they can save you some money than they are worth opening.

You can sign up with your email through company websites or search on social media.

I have a junk email that I use to sign up everything to. That way I am not bombarded with emails every day that are not a priority. The email account is not connected to my phone so I don’t stress out about unopened emails. I go into that email account once or twice a week to read and weed it out.

Get A Hold Of The Advertisement

There are a few different ways that you can check out your store’s advertisements.

Subscribe to your local Sunday Newspaper. The local paper always provides its readers with the local advertisements and monthly coupon savings.

There should be a stack of ads at the entrance to the store, just pick one up as you walk in and browse through it while you shop.

Another way is to download the Flipp app which will conveniently provide you with your local advertisements with the click of your smartphone.

You can also log on to the store website and peruse the ad online.

Check The Packaging

Sometimes you may come across coupons hidden on and in the packaging of the products that you purchase.

Within cereal boxes, frozen meals, and soda cans you can discover even more savings on your next purchase.

Make sure to cut these coupons out and keep them in your purse so that you have them when you need to use them.

If you forget to use a coupon, hold onto the receipt and see if they will honor it on your next visit to the store.

While you are checking out the packaging for possible coupons, check your sizes! Some packages can contain 30% more or even will be a bigger size for the same price as a smaller sized one on sale! You can get more for your money but just checking out the sizes!

Look At The Receipt

When we shop, we tend to get into the habit of quickly glancing at the receipt, bundling it up, and stuffing it into our pockets.

Take the time to read over your receipt for an extra minute and search for any promotions they may have. Many times you will discover these promotions on the bottom of fast food receipts as well.

Typically they will offer you a free sandwich or drink in exchange for a quick two-minute survey about your experience.

You should also make sure that everything rang up correctly. If you didn’t watch the checkout display while each item was being rung up, you could be giving the store extra money, and we don’t want that!

 Search For Apps

If you enjoy going out to eat then search for apps that are associated with your favorite restaurants. You may discover deals and online coupons that are provided on the app.

Check out the stores that you frequent as they may have digital coupons you can use at their store. If you don’t have time to clip coupons, these digital coupons make it easy and fast to save money!

There are also apps designed to help save money on your grocery bill after you’ve paid the bill.

If you don’t mind someone seeing what you are purchasing then check out apps like Ibotta or Checkout 51. These apps give you money back in forms of cash or gift cards.

Find more apps that save you money!

Check Out The Shelves

While shopping through the grocery stores keep an eye open for any coupons that are displayed on the shelves.

These little boxes contain coupons for the brand located just nearby. We used to call them “Blinkies” because the box used to have a light and used to blink to get the shoppers attention. Although I don’t think they blink anymore, you can still find one or two in most grocery stores today.

Also sometimes customers will leave coupons that they don’t use on the shelf for a customer that needs them, a.k.a. The Coupon Fairy!

Hopefully, these couponing tips will help you survive your time at college.

It will take a little effort to plan out your budget and find the coupons that will benefit your lifestyle, but it will be well worth it when you can save money and eat well.


YOUR TURN: What money saving tips helped you get survive college? Let me know in the comments below!

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