Did you know that Americans are estimated to spend $2.7 Billion on Halloween candy this year?

With regards to candy sales, only the Easter Holiday comes higher.

I feel like the candy is the purchase that affects most of us because I’ve noticed with having older children (like my 18yo, Annabelle, for example) she might not participate in buying a full-fledged costume, but she will gladly hand out candy at my house to the little kids in the neighborhood.

The average family is estimated to spend $86 each on Halloween in total, $25 of that is on candy alone.

That doesn’t seem like a lot, but as we’ve seen with ALL money-saving strategies, every little bit adds up.

And while we all want to be generous with every witch, superhero and little pumpkin that comes knockin’ at the door, I want to make sure you are getting the most for every nickel and dime you spend!

I spoke about this on my Fox Segment on 10/28/17. Watch the replay here:

candy coupons

SOOO Easy To Clip Candy Coupons

If at no other time of the year you use coupons, NOW is when you should use coupons. Because this is when they are so easy to find!

The candy competition is at its peak and that means there are coupons EVERYwhere.

Just keep your eyes open and look for them… you’ll find coupon stuck to the packages themselves or you can print them right from home.

candy coupons

Skip The Chocolate

If you want to spend the least on Halloween Candy, then you might have to skip the chocolate.

Chocolate candy is more expensive than their sugar-based counterparts.

If you really want to hand out a chocolate candy and feel generous at the same time you need to choose a cheaper candy.


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I often choose Tootsie Rolls because those cost the cheapest (around 3¢ each).

You can throw a couple of them into each child’s bag instead of feeling like you can only hand out one item.

candy coupons

How To Know The Best Candy Price

Okay so it’s one thing to look for a sale AND use a coupon, but just HOW do you know what is a good price for candy?

Just like with my Toilet Paper Stock Up Trick, in order to compare prices, you need to compare the price of each piece of candy.

This is simple, just divide the price of the bag by the number of candy pieces inside.

I can tell you from years of experience watching candy sales before the Halloween candy comes around, these are the stock up prices for individually wrapped (fun-size) candy:

  • Non-Chocolate = Pay No More than 5¢ per piece
  • Chocolate = Pay No More than 10¢ each piece
  • Large Chocolate Bars = Around 50¢ each with coupon and sale found at the Drug Stores (or look to purchase in bulk at a Warehouse Club such as Costco or Sam’s where they sell them for resalers to load into candy machines)
candy coupons

Timing Is Everything

And, just like costumes, if you don’t have a plan and you don’t have coupons, then your best bet is to wait until Halloween morning when candy goes on sale at most stores.

My best suggestion is to send you to the drug store where they usually offer some kind of reward with your purchase AND it’ll be on sale.

That feels like a cheat right?

The only thing you can’t count on… the flavor. You might get stuck with all sweet tarts.

But hey, that might save your waistline as well as your wallet!

candy coupons

Non-Candy Options

If you are worried that you’ll just grab a big ole handful of candy, then you might consider handing out coupons for trick-or-treaters to get a treat later by using a coupon booklet.

Wendy’s offers a coupon booklet with 5 coupons for FREE Jr. Frosty’s for just $1.

That’s 20¢ each coupon and the best part is that 85¢ of your $1 purchase goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Just note that the coupons usually aren’t valid to use until ON 10/31 through January 31st of the next year.


Tiny Steps You Can Take Today To Have More Money Tomorrow

Download this FREE Guide with 5 Solutions to show you how to have more money today.

McDonald’s has treat coupon booklets which include 12 coupons for 3 FREE Burgers, 3 FREE Packs of Apple Slices, 3 FREE Milk Chugs or Juice Boxes and 3 FREE Small Cones.

The coupon booklets cost between $1-$2 depending on your location.

Note that the coupons are only valid through the end of the year.

candy coupons

Dollar Store Cheat 

My parents still live in the neighborhood where I grew up.

Now everyone is grown up and only a handful of kids knock on their door.

If you hand out candy to less than a dozen kids, then there is no reason to purchase a huge bag of candy and feel guilty eating it for the next month.

A quick and inexpensive option is to buy a bag or two of candy at the dollar store.

They usually have a dozen pieces inside and you could get 1-2 bags, spending only $2 Total!

Saving on Halloween candy is possible!

Just keep a lookout for coupons and deals to stack!

Every little bit of savings adds up!

YOUR TURN: Let me know your creative ways to save money on Halloween Candy by leaving a comment below!

If you want to give candy to every little pumpkin this Halloween, then you better get a lot! Here\'s how to save the most using candy coupons for Halloween! #truecouponing #halloween #halloweencandy #candy #trickortreat