Have you ever thought about being a mystery shopper?

You could get paid to give feedback at the stores you are already shopping at, or you could seek out employment opportunities for secret shoppers from many different types of sources.

Here are some different types of mystery shops that you can pursue.

Retail Mystery Shops

Retail secret shoppers are required to visit a specific business and can be asked to perform different types of tasks such as evaluating the overall customer service provided, analyzing a display, or purchasing a particular product.

Each job will be different and may require that the secret shopper arrives at a location at a specified time.

Some of the companies hiring for these positions include Confero Compass, A Closer Look, Best Mark, and Intelli Shop. There are hundreds of different companies like these.

Depending on the company, shoppers are compensated by reimbursement, paid a base pay per shop, or by rewards.

Phone Mystery Shops

Some mystery shoppers are strictly used for phone shops. These shoppers test over the phone customer service and telecommunication services for different businesses and call centers.

Call Center QA is a company that is dedicated to increasing the quality of care within call centers.

Mystery shoppers are hired to contact selected call centers and perform an objective analysis of the call.

Call Center QA employs people from all different backgrounds and pays applicants $5 per request.

If you don’t mind having to wait on hold possibly, you could make a nice part-time income from home.

Internet Mystery Shops

Internet mystery shoppers help companies by testing out how accessible their website is, including the process of getting the product to a customer, and how responsive their online customer service is.

Second to None is a company that offers these services along with many other types of mystery shopping.

Shopper’s Critique International also provides this service to their clients.

If you already spend a great deal of time in front of the computer, then you should consider being paid for your web surfing.

This is a great way to make some extra money during your free time.

App Mystery Shops

There are some apps that you can download onto your cell phone and complete shops on the go while you are running your errands.

Some of these apps include Presto InstaShopper, Rewardable, and Eyes On.

These all can be quickly downloaded, are very convenient and easy to use, and you can be rewarded directly through a PayPal account in a matter of hours or a few days.

These apps can be used by anyone interested and should be considered for an easy way to make some money.

Video Shops

These shops require the mystery shopper to take video of their shop covertly.

These can be done when evaluating apartment walk-throughs, assessing realtors, or visiting clinics.

These shops typically pay more because of the amount of work they are requiring.

Some of the companies hiring for this type of position include Measure Consumer Perspectives, Sinclair Customer Metrics, and Reality-Based Groups.

Movie Shops

Would you like to be paid to go to the movies? There are companies like Market Force Information that will pay you to visit the movie theatre and evaluate your overall experience.

You may be asked to observe customer service, cleaning practices, counting patrons, or set-up promotional tables.

It may take some work but grab a date and enjoy a movie while getting paid.

If you are ready to become a secret shopper than decide what type of shopping you will enjoy and research the companies that provide those type of mystery shops.

There are a numerous amount of companies offering positions to secret shoppers, and some may not be legit.

Make sure you research the company, look at the reviews, and do not pay any upfront fees.

YOUR TURN: Would you like to get paid to shop as a Mystery Shopper? Let me know in the comments below!

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