Tonight at 7:30 pm on Facebook Live I’ll be showing you the recipe my kids keep begging me to make each week and how game-changing quick it is to prepare. If you are super excited to get started, you can print out the recipe below and use it right away!

This SideTrackedSarah low-carb meal plan has you cooking things like casseroles and lasagnas and meals that feel like you cooked it on the stove or inside the oven, yet they are all made in the crockpot which means you get the least amount of prep work for the most delicious meals you’ve eaten.

In fact, this month (July 2018) we only ate out ONE TIME because everyone loves the meals so much (and they are so fast for me to prepare that I love how we are saving so much money).

Let me show you the recipe my family is absolutely loving right now so you can make it for your family too. With just 3 ingredients, 10 minutes and your crockpot, you’ll have a super healthy meal to feed your family.

The three ingredients are Pork chops, Ranch Dressing Mix and Butter.

Simply bread the pork chops in the ranch dressing mix and put them inside the crock pot.

Then simply layer the pork chops with butter in between.

Turn on your crockpot and 6-8  hours later your dinner is done!

It tastes like the pork has been deep fried and it is fork-tender to cut. Unbelievable that it’s so easy to prepare.

We eat it with Cauliflower mash or Cauliflower fried rice. Don’t forget to join me on Facebook Live tonight when I show how to cook it all (and the finished product)!

Low-Carb Ranch “Breaded” Pork Chop Recipe (we’ve also made this successfully with chicken thighs if you don’t eat pork)


• 6 Thick Cut Pork Chops (bone-in or boneless, doesn’t matter)
• 12 Tablespoons of Butter
• 2  1oz packages of Ranch Dressing Mix (approx 5 Tablespoons)


  1. Coat the pork chops with ranch mix.
  2. Place 3 pork chops in the slow cooker with half the butter on top.
  3. Place rest of pork chops on top and then the rest of the butter.
  4. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

That’s it. Seriously?? Seriously.

Now we serve it with Sarah’s recipe for Fried Cauliflower Rice, but you could really eat it with anything that your family loves.

If you want to prepare this in advance, every recipe from Sarah also includes how to prep once a week and the just pull each item out to cook it the day you need it.

For this particular recipe, you simply coat the pork chops with the ranch mix. Place them in a freezer safe bag, label and lay flat to freeze. Then pull the bag outta the freezer the night before you want to cook them to thaw. Then the same instructions, place 3 in the crock pot with half the butter on top, then stack the other 3 on top with the rest of the butter. “Set it and forget it.”

It seriously cannot get any easier than that.

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