GlobalmaniaI must say I am a bit Geographically Challenged. It is just one of those subjects that didn’t stick back when I was in school. Oh, I have a great sense of direction…you just have to point me the right way to go…first.

Right now, Knowledge Quest has made one of their most popular geography curriculum available for FREE, Globalmania. Master World Geography in 7 months or less. They take a one-day-a-week approach and teach geography in bite size chunks so you will retain it.

The 33 page download is best suited for Grade 3 to 12.  I believe the best curriculum is one that can be done with the entire family at once. It saves time, and allows everyone to have discussions later about what they learned.  Usually, there are activities suited for each age group, allowing the older children to “dig deeper”.

Go HERE to download the Globalmania curriculum.

~Happy Geography Learning! {Thanks Knowledge Quest and The Old Schoolhouse}