You know how it goes… as the summer fun starts to unfold, it doesn’t take long for the kids come in and you hear a mantra of “I’m Bored.”

Well I’m here to help you NOT feel like you need a vacation from your summer fun vacation.

You just need some awesome summer fun activities for kids.

I’ve listed 50 summer fun things to do and activities for kids at home.

Plus, there are various entertaining options sure to keep your kids busy all summer long so grab this FREE Printable and be ready!

And if you get this DIY Boredom Buster Game ready ahead of time…you’ll be all set when those dreaded words ring in your ears!

But don’t let this list of summer fun activities for kids at home cramp your style, sit down with your kids and include more awesome ideas.

You never know what creative idea they will come up with!

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The DIY For Kids Summer Fun Boredom Buster Game

The DIY for kids Summer Fun Boredom Buster Game is easy to make and play.

First, print out the list of 50 Boredom Busters and hang it on your refrigerator for summer fun.

Then, write the numbers 1 – 51 onto slips of paper or onto popsicle sticks and add them to a jar and labeled “Summer Fun Ideas.”

When your kids start whining, have them draw from the numbers.

Then match the number to the item on your list of activities of Summer Fun Ideas.


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Not ALL the Boredom Busters have to be “FUN” activities for kids at home.

You can add more to the list such as a few “Scrub the Windows” or “Sweep the Patios” to deter the “I’m Bored’s.”

This should help everyone feel like summer vacation IS a vacation, after all!

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Boredom Buster Suggestions:


  1. Play in the Sprinklers
  2. Play Word Search or Hangman
  3. Play Jacks
  4. Bake a Cake from Scratch (or fruit pie with my famous pie crust recipe)
  5. Ask to Help an Elderly Neighbor
  6. Watch a Black and White Movie (weird random fact about me: I have never seen “Miracle On 34th Street“)
  7. Make up a backyard scavenger hunt
  8. Write a Letter (or postcard) to Distant Relatives
  9. Make a Cartoon Flip Book
  10. CLIP COUPONS! (have your kids find a couple items they want at a drug store & take them to buy it using coupons!)
  11. Set Up A Lemonade Stand in your Front Yard
  12. Research a Favorite Subject Online (sharks, bears & kittens are always fun!)
  13. Wash, Dry and Groom the Family Pet
  14. Repurpose Old Clothes with No-Sew Projects
  15. Learn How to Tie Knots
  16. Play Checkers
  17. Play Chinese Checkers
  18. Geocaching in a Local Park (if you have a good app… please leave a comment!)
  19. Water Gun Shooting Competition or water gun painting
  20. Toilet Paper Fashion Show – then make some crafts with the leftover cardboard rolls!
  21. Life Size “Angry Birds” game (save cans, paper towel rolls and cereal boxes!)
  22. Make a Diorama
  23. Stargaze
  24. Make a Kite and Fly It
  25. Make Origami Animals
  26. Redecorate a room 
  27. Make a Tent out of sheets in the living room
  28. Play Lawn Twister
  29. Create a play with props and all
  30. Learn First Aid
  31. Make a bottle rocket (always wear safety goggles)
  32. Sparkle Something!!! Shirts, Jeans, Fabric Hair Tie… see item #14)
  33. Match mismatched socks
  34. Make a Family Tree
  35. Wash the Car
  36. Plan a Garage Sale
  37. Learn how to Sign
  38. Make a Homemade Instrument Band (save tissue boxes and rubber bands)
  39. Walk the Pets / Play with the Pets
  40. Visit a Farmers Market
  41. Donate Unwanted Toys to Charity
  42. Have a Backyard Campout
  43. Make a Cardboard Doll House
  44. Play Hide n’ Seek
  45. Charades
  46. Learn to Two Step or Square Dance! (or play some kind of dance game)
  47. Toilet Paper / Paper Towel Marble Maze
  48. Set up (and knock down) Dominos
  49. Plant a flower garden
  50. Learn the basics of a Different Language (learn the numbers, or some animals for when you visit a zoo)
  51. (Bonus) Memorize Something Important (The 10 Commandments, Declaration of Independence, a Poem)


Make Dinner Super Simple


Download this FREE Guide to make dinner in less time with less stress!

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B.O.R.E.D. Acronym

Another very simple idea for kids who say “I’m Bored” is to show them this Acronym:

 B  een Creative? (go make up something, I always loved to make something fun out of construction paper)
 O  utside Play? (head outside and run around)
 R  ead a Book? (yep, exercise that brain) {earn summer reading FREEbies from your local bookstore}
 E  xercised for 20 minutes? (good for your body)
 D  one something helpful? (how can I help Mom?)

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do and make so your kids don’t get bored and you don’t go crazy.

All it takes is a little bit of time and creativity and you have week full of awesome summer fun!


Your Turn: What summer fun activities at home would you add to this list? Let us know below!

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50 FREE Summer Fun Things To Do With Kids (Free Printable)