Christmas is just over 9 weeks away.

HOWEVER, Black Friday, which is when I buy the majority of our Christmas presents, IS ONLY 5 WEEKS AWAY!

I refuse to go into debt for Christmas this year.

However, we’ve had a really busy and stressful year that involved lots of travel and expense (James Mom’s passing away, our daughter Annabelle graduating from High School and the extra home prep items from Hurricane Irma passing through town).

So our Christmas fund is quite dismal at the moment.

My husband James and I sat down to map out our savings plan.

We determined how much money we will need, and I put my money-saving-training to work!

And I’m confident that I can devise a strategy that will allow us to save $500 over the next four weeks.

Last year, at about this same time, I held a $500 Savings Challenge.

Over 700 people participated with me, and many reported back with success stories like this one:

Throughout this past year, I streamlined the process of how to save money super quickly.

I tested my new strategy with my Mom in August and she was able to save $900! WHOA!

Want to give it a try too?

You have nothing to lose, because my book of strategies are FREE!

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The best part about doing this challenge? You will not cringe with worry when you go to the mailbox in January. We are setting ourselves up for SUCCESS, starting today. Oh, and it’s much easier than you think (I don’t do anything that’s super scary, it’s just not in my nature).

These are slow and steady steps to take so that you save a SOLID $500 and then hopefully learn a little about your spending habits so that you continue to save money into the New Year.

After the first week I had already saved… wait for it…. $58.80 IN CASH! In ONE WEEK! {And I haven’t even sold anything yet!!} This is cash I never even realized I had that I could stash away. Cash I can go use today if I wanted too (but I don’t, because I won’t even miss it… and I’m stashing it away for Christmas).

I’d love to have you along for the ride! 

Let’s Save $500 This Month Together! Sign up here!

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Your first email from me (with the ebook download I created just for this challenge) will arrive about 10 minutes after you sign up! Fun, right?!

~Let’s Do This!


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