Fox 10-19-14 Halloween SavingsDid you catch our Savings Segment this morning on Fox?  We are honored to be a featured on Good Day Tampa Bay each Sunday to share our knowledge about coupons and how to get the most for your money!  This week’s topic was all about Halloween! Hooray…Halloween is just around the corner again! This fun and spooky celebration can cost you oodles if you are not careful.

HFox 13 Logoere is a little more information for you:

  1. Low-Cost Decorations ~ Super fun and ridiculously easy, create some homemade ghosts from your half-gallon and Gallon plastic milk jugs. Simply rinse out the empty container and draw on a face. Cut a hole in the bottom of the milk jug and insert some LED white or colored Christmas lights. Arrange down your stairs or driveway or staple gun to your bannister to provide an extra eerie glow. If you don’t have any exterior lights handy, use a glow stick or battery operated tea light. Another spooky option is to take toilet paper rolls and cut spooky eyes, then tape a glow stick inside and perch in a tree. Ohhhhh, Spooky!
  2. Super Cheap Costumes ~ With just a smidge of imagination, thought, and planning you can create great (virtually FREE) costumes made entirely from things found around the home. Without cutting eye-holes in a bed sheet! Here are two super simple ideas: A black cat and a shark. Dress in black tights or slacks with a black top to serve as the cat’s fur while a black tie or scarf can act as the tail. Black card triangles attached to a hair band provide the ears and you can paint on a nose and whiskers. Simple. If you have a grey hoodie and grey sweatpants then a shark costume is what you need to make! You already have the shark’s body (with the grey clothing) so all you need to make is a fin, some eyes and teeth. First cut a fin shape from some grey card stock (or construction paper) and attach it to your child’s back (duck tape sticks to everything). Then take a long strip of white card stock, cut triangles along the length of it and stick it to the inner rim of the hood and, presto, you have a row of shark’s teeth! For the eyes, simply cut two black circles from some card stock and to each side of the hood. Easy, right?! Not the creative type? The cheapest costumes can be purchased the day or two before Halloween.
  3. Budget Friendly Dinner ~ Getting ready for the little Trick or Treater’s makes it a busy night. Don’t burst your budget with fast food, save money by eating a fast meal at home! This year I am planning to make crock-pot “creepy” chili (there is no difference from regular chili, except I will arrange the shredded cheese into look like a melting zombie). The easiest meal for Halloween though, is “Walking Tacos”.  Just get the snack size bags of Fritos and have thetaco ingredients ready…shredded lettuce, and cheese, diced tomatoes, fried ground turkey, open the Frito bag, sprinkle ingredients inside, add a plastic fork and head out the door. Everything is disposable, so clean up is easy too! Here are a couple more recipes for Halloween night…Crock Pot Baked Potatoes and Taco Lettuce Wraps.
  4. Candy Preparation ~ There is going to be a TON of candy on clearance right after the holiday. Be ready by cutting your coupons NOW. Use the Coupon Database to simply type in “Candy” and it will list all the coupons available right now. You can print directly from there, or it will tell you what coupon insert and date to find them in to cut out what you need. Now you are prepared for the after Halloween rush…you will already have your coupons ready for the clearance sales! And if you can buy candy that is “fall” looking, you can re-purpose it in a month for Thanksgiving!

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Basically, stores have a vast selection of costumes, candy and decorations for sale. It’s easy to have some fun and save some cash with these simple “tricks”!

~Happy Halloween Shopping & Saving!