garage sales

If you have been cleaning and purging your house, then you are ready to see if those unwanted items can be turned into a nice small treasure. Decluttering your space and planning successful online garage sales doesn’t have to be difficult. Turn that clutter into fast cash with these tips.

Innovations in technology and commerce make it easier than ever to trade your unwanted goods and make a significant profit. After the initial clean-out, this could even be an ongoing year-round project.


Let’s look at five common household items you can sell for a profit and make more than if you sold them at your garage sales.

garage sales

1. CD’s, Video Games & DVDs:

Still hanging on to those pre-iPod CDs?

DeCluttr is an easy-to-use, free app (or website) that will buy them from you. Just download the app onto your smartphone and scan the barcode of your unwanted media (or type the code into their website) to find out how much they’ll pay. Most items will only go for a dollar or two, but they’re STILL dollars you didn’t have before you started Spring cleaning.

They even pay for shipping! Box it all up, mail it in, and your check will arrive in 7-10 business days, or same day with PayPal.
**Note: The discs must be in their plastic packaging.**

garage sales

2. Antiques and knick-knacks:

Junkables is the perfect place to offload some of those antiques or interesting odds and ends—costume jewelry, comics, clocks, glassware, etc.; items that we like to refer to as “dust catchers.”

Better yet, it is an easy and FREE alternative to eBay, so there is no listing or commission fees.

Junkables makes money solely through advertising, so you keep 100% of your profits. It is an online auction, so you’ll just need to enter descriptions and buyers pay you through PayPal, making it super-duper easy!

garage sales

3. Electronics, Smartphones, Computers, Tablets & Video Games:

Gather up old phones, computers and gaming systems, and then enter the model numbers into the homepage of Nextworth for an instant quote.

Another option is to Trade in your items to Amazon. Both companies have you to print a free shipping label, mail and get a check in 3-10 business days. (Or same day with PayPal). They will even wipe out your personal data before refurbishing an item, although we recommend doing it yourself before you send.

I found that Amazon had the most valuable trade available for my Toshiba Thrive Tablet. And you can even select the option for them to send your item back for free if it turns out to be valued less than what you expected.

Nextworth was also a great resource to recycle electronics even if your item is not worth anything!

garage sales

4. Books:

Sure, you can list used books on Amazon, but Powell’s is the country’s largest independent bookshop so you have the potential to make the most from them!

To sell through their website, simply enter the book’s ISBN number (it’s on the copyright page, or on the back of the book) to find out how much it’s worth. **Heads Up: Most books go for under $10.

Powell’s will also give you 40% more in store credit instead of cash if you opt to trade old books for new ones.

As soon as Powell’s receives your book (so it does not have to be sold), you get paid instantly through PayPal. PLUS, they pay the shipping! Just make sure your books are in good condition using guidelines on the website.

Please do note if your book is missing part of its cover. If so, it would be best donated to a charitable organization such as Goodwill, a thrift shop or shelter. (Don’t forget to ask for a receipt)!

garage sales

5. Clothing:

Our favorite way to sell clothes, especially for kids is via ThredUp.

Just request one of their “Clean Out Bags”, fill it up, and ship it for free with their printable label. You will get 40% of the sales price up front, before your item even sells!

The best part ~ you don’t have to take any photos. Just stuff, send & collect! Women’s clothing and accessories are hot items for online sales.

Two other easy options are Poshmark and Tradesy. For those, simply upload a photo of the item(s) you want to sell to the free app or website and add it to your online closet. Listing is FREE and you make up to 91% on each sale (Poshmark 80%, Tradesy 91%). Shipping is paid by the buyer, so all you have to do is box up your clothes, print the free shipping label, and drop your parcel off at the nearest post office! Cash-Ching!

~ How much easier can Spring cleaning get?

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