Extreme Couponing vs True Couponing

Like it or hate it, Extreme Couponing is a common household word

And I receive quite a few questions about the differences between Extreme Couponing and True Couponing, which is what I also call “Reasonable” Couponing. I figured it might be easier to see a side-by-side handy dandy comparison chart to make it easy to see the differences!

Welcome to the world of True Couponing…

Extreme Couponing

True Couponing

Goal is to show off a one-time shopping trip on national TV Goal is to purchase items your family will use at the lowest prices possible
Full time job IS couponing You have a life beyond couponing
Purchase hundreds of items to keep in storage Purchase what your family will use within 3 months
Spend 30+ hours per week couponing Spend 1-4 hours per week coupon shopping
Hidden cost of purchasing coupons not shown or figured into the cost

No hidden costs with detailed notes on each shopping list

Get many items for FREE

Get many items for FREE
(Hey, finally a match!)

Score overage on some items (This is when the store pays you!) Score overage on items (Hey, another match!)
Spend 5 hours or more in the grocery store Spend about 1 hour or less in the grocery store
Spend hours matching coupons to sale items Use TrueCouponing.com to do all the matchups for you saving hours of work each week for multiple stores
Spend hours looking for coupons Use the True Couponing coupon database to find coupons
Only show shoppers in areas that double coupons Show you how to save even if your stores don’t double coupons
Obsessed that you can never miss a single deal We know if we miss a deal, it will likely roll around again in a few weeks
Encourages questionable means of couponing strategies Only promotes ethical use of coupons
Needs an entire garage to store their stockpile and even stores items in their children’s rooms Needs a little extra storage (like an extra closet or shelf) but NOT an entire room
Clears the shelves of stores Always leaves some behind, encouraging pre-ordering or use of rainchecks
Couponing is an addiction Couponing is an enjoyable tool to save money for our families
Sometimes encourages illegal means of acquiring coupons Only promotes legal methods of obtaining coupons

If you’re not an Extreme Couponer, you might just be a True Couponer!

Let’s save some money together!

 Comment below if you can think of another difference!

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