I love keeping seasonal decorations out all year long in our home.

When we have guests coming over, I also like to display some seasonal candies in a pretty dish. (I cannot leave candy out all the time because I have little resistance to sweets, and my kids would eat a full dish within hours.)

It makes a nice decoration and I can tell how hungry our guests might be by how quickly the candy disappears.

This year I wanted to take on the challenge of making my own candy dish on a budget, and I found the most perfect supplies from my local Dollar Tree.

For a total of $3 I was able to make this gorgeous candy dish that will be perfect for all occasions.

You can fill the candy dish up with candy or other items like party favors, snacks, small beverages and lots more.

DIY-Candy-Dish Supplies




Head to your local Dollar Tree and pick up a clear bowl, glass candlestick and some sweetheart candies (or another seasonal candy or snack) and get ready to put together the best candy dish ever!


On a flat surface place your bowl upside down and grab your glass candlestick.


On the smaller part of the candlestick add a bunch of E6000 glue and let air dry for about 30 seconds to make it a bit tacky.

Next place the glued end of the candlestick down in the middle of the bowl and hold down firmly for one minute.

Now apply a book on top of the candle stick for about 1 hour to allow the glue plenty of time to dry.


Flip the candy dish right side up and fill with your favorite candies.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I filled my candy dish with sweetheart candies.

Adjust your contents to fit any season or holiday.

Printable Eat Me Tags

Finish off your dish with our FREE downloadable “Eat Me” labels for a fun finishing touch.

Download, print, punch a hole in the top and tie off with string or twine.

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