What is Savings Catcher?

Savings Catcher is an online tool that automatically compares prices of select products purchased at Walmart with advertised prices of competitors in your area. Essentially, this program takes the burden off the cashier’s to have to price match at the time of checkout and instead customers receive their savings back in the form of a Walmart eGift card. Thinking of it as a “reward” program, such as you see at the drug stores or with gift card deals at Target. After that first initial out of pocket trip (when you receive the savings back on a gift card 72 hours later), then you can use the gift card towards your purchase, so you essentially, always have an ongoing credit.

The program compares prices on products typically purchased at grocery stores including groceries and household items. Excluded from comparison were online merchants, store brand items, deli products, bakery and weighed items like produce and meat. *Updated 2/15* They will no longer price match Drug Stores.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop at any Walmart Store and save your receipt.
  2. Go online to Walmart.com (obviously you will need an account) and enter your receipt number and date of shopping trip.
  3. Savings Catcher will look at applicable competitor Advertisements and credit your account with the difference within 72 hours (in an eGift Card that can be used online or in store).

Will you save more using Savings Catcher than using coupons? We seriously doubt it. However, for those unplanned shopping trips or the times you don’t have time to clip coupons you can at least get some savings using Savings Catcher.

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