5 Tips for Price Matching at WalmartThere are three distinct areas related to saving extra money at Walmart: Price Matching Competitor Ads (below), Using Coupons, and the “Savings Catcher” program.

Here are five tips to easily Price Match at Walmart: (read more about the Coupon Policy and the Savings Catcher Program)

Five Tips to Successfully Ad Match at Walmart:

  1. PAY ATTENTION: You can only Price Match 2 BOGO Deals, so 4 Items Total (but you can do several different items, so you can price match 4 laundry soaps and then 4 toothbrush deals with no problem, just no more than 4 of one item). The price MUST be listed. Even if it just says “save up to $2.49”. The Walmart price will be matched at the competitor’s price listed (the $2.49) even if their price is lower. For example, if the Walmart Price is $2.00 each and the Competitor’s price is BOGO $2.49, then Walmart will Ad Match the items as (2) for $2.49. The first item will ring up at the Walmart $2 price and the second item will be 49¢, thus making two items $2.49 total.
  2. Even if you have to have a “preferred card” such as at Winn Dixie or Kroger, Walmart will match their ads too.
  3. They will NOT ad match any Buy This to Get That Free promotions, Nor any Gift Card promotions (Target does a lot of Gift Card deals… Walmart does NOT match those).
  4. They only price match off the Internet at Christmas time, so no Internet Price Matching.
  5. Watch Sizes and Limits – Walmart does not have the extensive selection that the grocers have. That means you have to be super cautious when selecting an item on the shelf to be sure it matches the ad, and then matches the coupons properly. Don’t get stuck at the cash register over a couple ounces!

Three Important Side Notes:

  • Bring in the AD! I know they say they don’t require them, bring it anyway and make it easier on you and the cashier for price matching that BOGO at the price listed in the Ad (outside of FL).
  • Separate your Price Matching BOGO Items – put the NON price matching things on the conveyer belt first, then your Ad Match on the belt with the ad on top. That way you can easily point it out and allow the cashier to adjust the price.
  • Scan your receipt in to the Savings Catcher App before you even start the car! You only have 6 days to submit it, so do it right away!

You CAN be successful at this ad-matching-at-Walmart thing!

Want even more?? We’ve dissected the entire Walmart Coupon Policy and Ad Match Guarantee (including the “Savings Catcher” program)!

Print directly from the Walmart Website and bring to the store from here: Walmart Coupon Policy and Walmart Ad Match Guarantee. If you print it and take it with you, sometimes it can help at the register. Otherwise, pull it up on your SmartPhone before you get into the store, that way it is handy should you need it.

~Happy Walmart Shopping & Saving!

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