A couple week ago I talked about how Winn Dixie is ending their FuelPerks gas reward program and the two options you have to continue saving on gas.

Well now it’s been a month since I started using the two replacement options and I’ve figured out how to earn rewards to get at least one FREE tank of gas each month!

Today, I sat down to write this article about the specific steps I took to earn $2 Off each gallon of gas this month from using Shell’s Fuel Reward program. But when I logged into my Fuel Rewards account, I was super excited to find a bonus that Publix was featured as one of my “local” offers! And I can earn 15¢ off each gallon of gas!

So now, I’ve got the exciting details about the Publix promotion, AND THEN the specific details for helping you get a FREE Tank of gas this month too!  Let’s get to it:

Earn 15¢ PER GALLON when you shop at Publix

When you join Shell’s Fuel Reward network and link a Mastercard Debit or Credit card, you’ll earn 15¢ for every $100 you spend at Publix. Before, this “grocery shopping bonus” to earn 3¢ was only available at Winn Dixie (and a few other grocery stores I didn’t recognize from outside of my area) I was hoping that they would negotiate something similar with Publix and today when I logged into my account, I found