Last month I was super disappointed that to learn that Winn Dixie is ended their FuelPerks gas reward program so I researched the two options we would have to continue saving on gas.

And now that some time has passed. I’ve found some strategies and figured out how to earn rewards to get at least one FREE tank of gas each month!

So now, I’ve got the exciting details about the Publix promotion, AND THEN the specific details for helping you get a FREE Tank of gas this month too!  Let’s get to it:

Earn 15¢ PER GALLON when you shop at Publix

When you join Shell’s Fuel Reward network and link a Mastercard Debit or Credit card, you’ll earn 15¢ for every $100 you spend at Publix. Before, this “grocery shopping bonus” to earn 3¢ was only available at Winn Dixie (and a few other grocery stores I didn’t recognize from outside of my area) I was hoping that they would negotiate something similar with Publix and today when I logged into my account, I found