Have you ever secretly hoped to get out of giving someone a lift because your car is such a mess? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes in all the hustle and bustle of spring cleaning, we forget all about the car! If our car didn’t have four wheels, it really would be one of the messiest rooms in our home.

Luckily, there are a few ways to organize your car so that it never gets messy again! Here is how you can organize your vehicle like a pro.

Set Up A System For Managing Trash

What is the number one cause of a messy car? The garbage! If you took the time to take every last bit of trash out of your car, you might be surprised how much is in there! Start by removing all of the trash from your car. Once it has all been removed, it’s time to set up a system for your trash to be contained.

Despite your best efforts, you’ll end up with trash in the car. The secret to keeping it from getting out of hand is by having a way to dispose of the trash in one place. Keep a small trash bin in your car for these times, and when you stop to get gas, go ahead and empty it.

Organize Your Glove Box

Your glove box might be stuffed full of everything from car papers to extra napkins (maybe a little like this?), but now we are going to organize it! I have been known to hoard napkins in our cars. With six of us, things can get messy and fast! Start by taking everything out of your glove box and give it a quick wipe down. Once you have everything out of your glove box, get rid of any papers you don’t need. You may have expired registration cards, old inspection papers, and more that you don’t need to keep in the glove box. Once you’ve eliminated any papers you don’t need, it’s time to put things back.

For the papers I wanted to keep in the glove box, I got a coupon organizer and labeled each tab. Whenever I get a new registration card, I can easily take out the old one and put in the new one! For everything else, I asked myself, do I need this in the glove box? I found that besides a backup flashlight, nothing else really belonged here.

Trunk Organization

If your car is anything like mine, then your trunk is going to be precious cargo space! Ours holds groceries, sports bags, and everything else we need when we’re out on the town.

There are a few things we regularly keep in our trunk to keep it organized. First, we keep our car kit and first aid kit to help make sure we are prepared for anything that comes our way. Next, I keep my reusable grocery bags and cold bags. Lastly, I keep the things I will need in case of a flat tire or a car emergency.

Keep A Kid’s Organization System

My kids tend to bring toys and all sorts of other things into the car whenever we go somewhere. To make sure the car doesn’t slowly pile up with toys and junk, we keep an organizer on the back of one of the seats for all their things. When we don’t need it, we can leave it in the house or the trunk.

We have also implemented a rule that what comes in the car must go out. This means if we bring takeout bags into the car while on our way to sports practices, they must come out when we get home. Having a place for the kids to put their stuff, and rules in place for the things they bring into the car helps keep the backseat organized.

Clean It Regularly

Even if you keep all of the clutter out of the car, you still need to keep it clean. If you make it a habit to clean it regularly, when you do go to clean it will be a breeze! When someone spills something, clean it up immediately. Don’t wait until the cupholders are sticky, and there are crumbs everywhere.

While you’re spring cleaning your home this spring, don’t forget to give your car a quick clean and tidy while you’re at it! I promise with these organization tips, your car will not only stay organized, but it will be less dirty by the end of the week.

YOUR TURN: What do you use for a trash container in your car? Does it work for you or is it too small? Let me know in the comments below!

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