5 Must-Have Items to Ensure Your Black Friday Is A Success {Survival Kit}

5 Tips BF SuccessWith Black Friday quickly approaching, it occurred to me that there are a few key items I bring with me that aid in the success of my mission. A “survival kit” of sorts. There are 5 items you MUST have with you in order to ensure your success during the Black Friday shopping craze. I never leave home without these and I’m sure they are the reason I have such victory.

Pin so you remember this list before you walk out the door.5 Black Friday Essentials

  • Antibacterial Wipes – to clean your shopping cart and help with spills. Might as well hook an Anti-bac holder on to your belt loop. Trust me.
  • Lip Gloss (or Chapstick) – for when you look in the mirror and think… oh boy. Just add lip gloss, it will make everything look better. I promise. (missed in the photo above… yes, I am human)
  • Wisps – use for midnight, 3am & 7am “brushings”. The cashiers and other shoppers will thank you.
  • Granola bars – in case you get cranky. If they have chocolate in them… even better!
  • Starbucks Via – you will be able to find water everywhere…you can get small cups of it for free at the McDonald’s Drive-Through.
    Water + Starbucks Via = Energy 😎 You’re welcome!

Bonus Item if you have room: Used Dryer Sheets (anti static for your hair)

And the One No-Fail Must-Have Item (that takes up no space in your purse): Patience – bring a LOT of it. Not just for the customers you will be waiting with for the deals, but for the workers who don’t know where anything is or how to help you find what you need. They are nervous, confused and overwhelmed, and it shows.

~Who’s Going Shopping?

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